I figure you’re not squeamish about finding a bit of humor in a peeing story. That’s because you’ve probably got experience in this area via your animal companions or you’ve raised kids.

A bit of humor from peeing in the house

My little pup Molly, who’s not yet two years old, joined us in February. Before that, she bounced around a few rescues and homes.

We quickly realized Molly hadn’t learned one of the “House Rules of Living With Humans” – dogs eliminate outside.

Explaining where dogs are supposed to pee and poop

To help her adjust, we took her out a lot! And put down potty pads in those favorite pee spots. Maybe you know the drill.

And I used my animal communication skills to explain that peeing and pooping outside was the best solution for living with people. But she could use the pads if she really had to go. At first, there didn’t seem to be much improvement.

Molly’s understanding of peeing etiquette

But one day, I was getting ready to take Molly and her companion, Newt, out. They had their collars and harnesses on and were standing at the door. Before we left, I decided to use the bathroom. It’s located right by the front door.

As I finished washing my hands and returned to the foyer, I found an unwelcome surprise. There was urine in front of the bathroom door.

“Dang it,” I thought, “She’s still not getting it!”

But I was wrong. Molly was trying to figure out these new rules. She thought peeing by the bathroom was okay because that’s where her humans took care of business.

Time to lighten up

Chuckling, I immediately lightened up. “Well,” I thought, “At least she’s trying!” I cleaned up the pee and we went on our walk.

More patience regarding peeing

Because of this episode, I found more patience. I thanked Molly for trying. Then I reminded her again of what we’d like. I also realized she was still wondering whether this was her forever home. So Charlie and I took extra time to assure her that she’d wake up every single day with us, Newt and our cats, Bunnie and Shadow.

Happily, Molly is now doing most of her business outside. Yay Molly!

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(Written July 2023)

How do you find a way to lighten up when “sh**” happens with your beloved animals? I’d love to hear your comments!