Erica’s English Bulldog was seeing energy as I did the healing for her. She was following the unique flow with her eyes. The best part was that Erica saw it, too!

FYI, I had worked with Bunny previously. This time, we were working on some physical issues. Plus, she had attacked her brother, Hector, without cause. He was really laid back about it, didn’t respond. Thank goodness, but it’s not something Erica was thrilled about.

Animal communication & medical intuition

I shared with Erica what I received about Bunny’s physical symptoms, which led her to changing Bunny’s diet. From my feedback on Bunny’s medications, Erica reviewed and revised the current medications. (NOTE: I’m not a veterinarian, so I only gave a sense of how Bunny’s body seemed to be responding to the medication. People should always check with their veterinarian about medication changes.)

Next, We went deeper with Bunny about her attacks on Hector. When I connected with Bunny, I found a sense of apprehension, an inability to feel safe, which built up. And her way of releasing that energy was to take it out on Hector.

Seeing energy

I suggested to Erica that we do energy healing to strengthen Bunny’s energy field. Our goal was to allow Bunny to relax into her own natural strength and release her apprehension. Plus, strengthening her energy field would be an asset for her physical wellbeing.

Based on recommendations from my guides, I used Tina Zion’s technique to strengthen Bunny’s Toroidal Field in and around her body. This video shows how the Toroidal Field moves around the body.

You are infinite Consciousness - A Torus energy field

So I asked my Healing Guides to move and strengthen Bunny’s energy field the way I had learned from Tina. Imagine each color of the rainbow coming up from the earth, through her body, out her head and returning like a 360-degree fountain into and around her. First red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and finally white.

Erica had Bunny on her lap so Bunny and I were facing each other over Zoom. All of a sudden, Bunny started moving her head and eyes up, around and down. Both Erica and I agreed that Bunny was seeing the energy healing; she seemed fascinated.

Watch as I demonstrate how Bunny watched the energy.

When I checked in with Erica a few weeks later, she reported that Bunny was doing better!

A new experience

Many times during energy healings, animals move closer to their person during the session. And their person reports that their animal becomes deeply relaxed during the healing. But seeing their animal watch the energy move around them? That’s a first! But I hope it’s not the last!

Does your animal need energy healing along with animal communication?

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