“Bear” with me as I talk about energy healing for humans.

Before animal communication, I developed a strong background in energy healing for humans.  I loved the different modalities I had learned and loved seeing the changes in people.

Animal communication jumps into my lap life

But when I catapulted into Animal Communication, I was so excited!

As my dogs started communicating telepathically with me, I realized I found my “sweet spot.” My dogs opened my intuitive heart in a way I couldn’t ignore. Plus, the energy healing skills I learned for humans would enhance my animal communication skills.

Still doing energy healing for humans

As I think about it, though, I didn’t stop doing energy healing for people. I just shifted the focus.

When I communicated with someone’s beloved animal, I brought healing energy to everyone, not just the animal. Because it’s healing when people understand what’s going on with their animal, when they can see the situation from their animal’s point of view.

And that brings everyone (human and non-human) involved into greater alignment about the situation. The alignment reinvigorates people’s compassion and patience.

Not that compassion and patience weren’t always there. Over time, though, chronic behaviors or illnesses can use up compassion and patience even in the best of us.

But when people understand what their animal desires and can communicate their own desires, the vibration of the family unit – the energy – however you might describe it, is less chaotic and more healing.

Owning my human energy healing abilities

Having declared my all-encompassing love for animal communication & healing, I’m owning my ability to help people heal their issues through energy healing. Whether the healing is connected to their animal’s issues or not.

This declaration comes after completing the Basic and Advanced Medical Intuition Training from Tina Zion. I was already a Reiki Master and Quantum-Touch® certified practitioner and had learned many other modalities.

Tina’s course focuses on human healing, but I adapted it to animals. Immediately, her course brought my skills with animals to a new level. And then thought, well, “Why not humans, too?”

So here we are.

Energy healing testimonial from Anne Robley

Anne Robley and I did a healing session to help her heal. By the way, this was a Zoom session. It was not in person since Anne lives in Switzerland and I live in the U.S. Here’s what Anne had to say about our session.

Maribeth is truly talented.  Her abilities to ‘read’ a situation were spot on and I have to say I was surprised as she was talking about ME, and not a pet!  To set the scene, we were having a casual coffee chat and she inquired about my health as she knew I was healing from a surgery. She offered to try see if she could help me in some way and we scheduled a Medical Intuition Healing.

 She and I were both surprised that my arm (surgery) was the least of my problems!?!  As she started to mentally feel her way around my body, she was spot on about where I hurt, had problems or felt restricted and tense.  She helped me to visualise and release these areas. I still use some of the visual tips she gave as well as a loving mantra. 

 Thank you Maribeth, for helping to free me from things that were literally choking me. 

-Anne Robley, for Shirley’s Girl

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