In the energy healing world, you may hear people talk about “soul retrieval.” As I understand it, when a traumatic event occurs, a part of our soul may choose to leave the body for an extended period of time for protection. Soul loss is losing a part of our essence.

Soul retrieval is a thing?

Mac the cat in a Box

Mac the cat in a Box

I thought soul retrieval was a weird concept. I wasn’t sure I believed it it.  But when I received energetic healing, I allowed the practitioner to do a “soul retrieval.” She reported that she saw aspects of myself re-enter my body.

No more cat allergies

A few days later, I realized that I was no longer allergic to my cats. That was a huge win for me as i have been extremely allergic to cats all my life. Not anymore. I hoped energy healing would be good for my health, but this was a dramatic and unexpected result!

I’m a fan of energy healing

I practice many energy healing modalities because I’ve seen them work on both animals and people. And I’ve worked with many energy healers and modalities. As I look back on the healing, I’ve discovered that I was consistently bringing more of my essence back into my body.

Many energy healing modalities aren’t called soul retrieval. But I believe when someone’s clearing negative energy created by a traumatic event from your body, they’re also bringing back part of your essence, your soul. To me, that’s soul retrieval..

Benefits of energy healing

Consistent energy healing has been a key component to helping me maintain my good health. Of course, I try to do things in the physical realm to stay healthy – eat better and exercise (thank you dogs that love to go on walks! Thank you, yoga!)

Want to do some energy healing with me?

Let’s do some human energy healing!