If you’ve ever wanted to communicate with your animals, you’re on the right track. Anyone who has a desire can learn. Our minds and hearts are wired for intuitive communicating. We just need to discover where our on intuition switch is located, turn up the volume and pay attention to what we’re receiving.

Being able to communicate with your animal does help them and you. Because once you know their version of life, what they’re feeling, how they’re feeling and why they’re doing what they do, you have more options.

Intuitive communication is healing for your animals

Like humans, just being heard, really heard with no agenda, is healing for animals. In addition to being fully heard, having a two-way conversation can be eye opening for us humans. Coming from a place of empathy and understanding many times shifts the relationship. Their behaviors may shift. Yours might, too, as you understand their needs more clearly.

Most animals I’ve met don’t mean to upset or hurt their people. When we are able to connect and communicate with them, many times we discover fear, anxiety.

Other times, there is a joy or pleasure in the behavior that humans do not understand – like the German Shepherd I talked to who loved the aroma of skunk. She professed to find it fascinating.

And then there are habits that weren’t a big deal in the animal’s previous living situation. Those living outside who never lived inside had no idea that outside manners don’t work for inside houses.

So now we have a clearer understanding of what’s up with them. We can reassure those who are anxious that we’ll always be there for them. And for those who aren’t clear about how to live happily with house rules, we may ask for behavior changes. And make a few changes ourselves to accommodate them.

Once we communicate our request, many of these animals will work to modify their behavior. They usually respond out of love for their people. They may not completely understand our reasoning for the house rules. But they do understand how happy we are when they try to follow the rules.

Especially when they notice we are open to hearing about their needs and desires. It’s a two-way communication based on love and respect.

You can learn to communicate with your animals

This is not a special skill you must be born with. Trust me, my personal experience taught me that! By learning to open your intuitive channels and keeping an open heart,  you discover how your intuition works and what your animals are sharing.

I can help you learn to communicate with your animals. That’s why I created the UConnect Animal Communication Course.

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