In many cases, yes, animal communication helps separation anxiety. And that’s a good thing, because separation anxiety is hard for us humans to live with.

A few examples of separation anxiety

I worked with a dog who did serious damage to their living space. One woman returned home to find her dog entangled in curtain blinds. I’ve met dogs who are so upset at being alone that their people cannot leave them in their condo because of noise complaints. Additionally, cats stopped eating  – or ate very little – when their people went on vacation.

Animal communication = useful

When we connect and communicate with your animal, we discover the origin of the anxiety. In addition, I sense how your animal experiences the anxiety. I now have enough specifics to decide how best to help them “chill.”

Energy healing + animal communication = even better!

Usually, I use both animal communication and energy healing to help them. As I said, I first connect with the dog or cat to feel how the anxiety shows up in their body. Then I ask about the origin of the anxiety. With that information, we work to release the cause of anxiety. Energy healing plus communicating works well in many cases.

When the energy of the separation anxiety is lessened, their person and I share whatever truths their pet needs to hear to feel relaxed. Here are some phrases we might share with them as we send them love.

  • I’ll always come back.
  • You’re safe.
  • (In cases of past traumas) That was then, this is now. That life is gone. Right now, you are loved and safe.
  • You will make me so happy if you enjoy yourself while I’m out! Nap, play with your toys, stare out the window!
  • We’re on vacation having fun. You should too! Eat, drink and be merry, my love!

Finally, through me, their people share why they love them, what they adore about them. And ask them to show up as that beautiful being they know is in there.

I ask them to repeat this over time for it to sink in. But speaking and sharing this certainty that they’re safe is a great practice. And separation anxiety recedes for many.

Got separation anxiety?

I can help!