Many of us have discovered that our pets have special abilities. We tend to forget, though, so I wanted to remind you!

When you look for their special abilities, you will experience more joy and love in your relationship with your animal. I guarantee it! And that’s what we’re hoping for, right?

Some have abilities that surprise and delight us

Our animals do this simply by being their audacious selves. They remind us that life can be fun. They show us that anything can be used for play, including each other.

For instance, we routinely observe our cat Shadow slowly and deliberately push a kitty treat off the table. She watches as our dog Stella waits patiently then greedily gobbles it up! Kitty treat #2 hits the floor and Stella pounces on it again. And treat #3…It’s funny.

Then we see Shadow and Stella race around the house enjoying being the “chased cat” and the “chasing dog.” No harm comes to either animals even though it looks like Shadow is running for her life!

dog cat playing

Next time you watch your animals play, notice that shift in your deeply human, overly thought-driven, deliberate, boring, dense “gotta-get-stuff-done” self. I am describing myself, so please don’t take offense! But you know what I mean.

When I notice my animals doing something funny, outrageous or full of joy, I smile, I become lighter, and remember life should have joy in it. I’d say that was a special ability.

Noticing you’re sad, can’t sleep or you’re sick?

More than once, my cat Bunnie has jumped on the bed, demanding that I let her sleep on me. She somehow knew my brain was on auto drive and I couldn’t shut it off. I was going crazy! In about 15 minutes, the loud brain dialogue finally quieted and I slept peacefully and gratefully.

Many people tell how their cats and dogs slept by their sides when they were sick or sad. We feel so grateful for their caring, we relax and allow our bodies and souls heal.

How about when they sense anger and frustration?

Have you noticed that some of our animals run out of the room when we are upset? It’s clear they want none of that energy. If we’re perceptive, we re-calibrate our emotions. Maybe we shift our arguments into discussions or figure out a different way to release our frustration for the animal’s well being – and our own.

We’re not alone in this world

Even if we’ve got a solid spiritual foundation, it’s deliciously heartening to have another creature share their life with us. In the flesh, so to speak.

When I return home and am greeted by two crazy dogs making sweet happy noises, I grin. Then I see three cats who carefully poke their heads around a corner, a chair or from behind the dogs (so as not to get trampled by dog craziness), I feel wonderful.

Communicate with your animals – UConnect

As an animal communicator, I spend more time noticing and appreciating my animals’ special abilities. You can learn to communicate telepathically – intuitively – with your animals, too.

Noticing their special abilities is just one of the lovely results of the course. You’ll also start to understand their motivations and be able to discuss behaviors you’re concerned about.


Learn more about UConnect

Woman and little dogI absolutely loved the UConnect class. Maribeth’s compassion and knowledge are a great combination for someone new to this like was. I enrolled because friends had told me wonderful things about Maribeth. I have a rescue dog that, almost two years after her adoption, is still fearful of my husband. I wanted to understand what was going on and help her tell her story. Since the class started, I have stronger relationships with both dogs. And Cammie is slowly becoming more trusting of my husband. I highly recommend this class for any animal lover who wants to further strengthen the bond with their animals. Susan & Cammie, Virginia