Many of us want to know what happened to our rescue animal. It’s only natural. We want the story behind strange and unsettling behaviors. As an animal communicator, I am asked “What happened??” quite a lot.


What do we find out when we ask?

When I ask animals what happened before their rescue, I receive impressions – a quick glimpse of a scene. I also receive feelings associated with that time.

For example, I have seen a hand or foot comes towards me with anger and I felt fear and anticipated pain. With another animal, I saw a very small enclosure and felt disheartened.

I don’t always pick up tough experiences. Instead, I find sadness or confusion about not being with the previous family or person. The animal cared for them and was bonded with them.

A funny response about the past

Recently, I asked a horse what she thought of her previous guardian. My client and I laughed as I telepathically “saw” the horse stick out her tongue and blow a raspberry.

She had a low opinion of that person and was glad not to be with her. My client affirmed that the person would probably not get high ratings in an animal welfare checklist.

Focus on their feelings

Surprisingly, lingering feelings are more helpful to letting go of unsettling behaviors than knowing what happened.

Fear and Distrust

If they act fearful and don’t trust that life can be good, we tell them they won the Million Dollar Lotto, the Big Jackpot of  of a fantastic life! They’re with great people who love them, can be counted on to feed them, buy them toys and probably give them too many treats. This is their Forever Home. It’s OK to relax, make friends and love up the other souls in the family.

Missing their previous people

If they miss their previous family, we tell them we feel their sadness and we understand. We share that it’s a sad part of life – we don’t always get to stay with individuals and families we love. If it’s true, I explain they’re not going to see those people and animals again. Then I focus their attention on the awesome family they’re in now. I give them permission to enjoy this family and love them fully.

We usually think this applies to people giving up their animals, who are then rehomed. But it also applies to foster animals and service animals when they arrive in their final family.

Confused and unsettled

Sometimes animals move from one family member to another or one friend to another, but their previous person still visits. Many animals are confused and unsettled by this. As an example, a client gave her dog to her parents when her job became all-consuming. The dog would hide from her when she visited! He was afraid he’d have to leave with her, and he didn’t want to. He loved living with her parents.

The dog relaxed and spent more time with the daughter after I explained he wasn’t going anywhere.

That was then, this is now

I love to remind these animals – and their people – that the bad ol’ past is gone. If the animal feared their previous people, I make sure they understand they won’t see them ever again. I’ll do some energy healing to help them release the “leftover” feelings that don’t apply to the current situation.

Then their current person and I ask them to become the best version of themselves – leave the sad version behind. Be adorable, cute, caring, a diva, playful, feisty, funny, majestic, strong, thoughtful – whoever they are meant to be in this life.

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