What’s my pet thinking?

People ask me on a regular basis, “Can you tell me what my pet is thinking?” Yes, I can, that’s what I do! I am an intuitive animal communicator. From my animal communication and healing work, I have developed a profound respect for pets and their purpose in our lives. And I want to share one thing your pets want you to know.

You already communicate about some things

If you think about it, you can provide examples of how your animals communicate with you. Here are a few obvious examples from my life.

  • If my dog Tibor has a real need to go out, he will whine and cry to get our attention.
  • When someone comes to the door or walks by the house, our other dog, Stella, barks to alert me that there is someone there.
  • Mac finds his food bowl empty. What does he do? He leads me there through meowing and other behaviors (intense staring) to get me to follow him to his food bowl – I confess, my pets have trained me well.
  • And if Mac or my other cats, Brick and Shadow, want love, they will jump next to or on me and purr as loud as they can.

On a superficial level, we know most pets enjoy our company, like tasty food, playtime and stimulation, and love a good, restful sleep!

Let’s go deeper

We’re provided with many opportunities to grow in life. We do that through wrestling with issues that confront us. These issues present themselves to help us become better people.

If you’re an animal lover, I want to offer a radical perspective on personal growth. Are you ready?

You chose animals as one of your life growth strategies!

Why? Because animals give us an opportunity to become better people through their personality quirks and the issues they present in our lives.

Our animals are companions on our soul journey

Stop and let this perspective sink in. Just like the people in our lives, our animals are our companions on our soul journey. As this information sinks in, consider how it might shift your relationship with your animals as you consciously think of them as souls here to help us grow. Use this an inquiry as you interact with your animals. You might see them in a whole new way.

They can be incredible helpmates in our journey through life. As we “tune in” to the information our animals are waiting to share with us, we’ll see more clearly how to live a life of peace and satisfaction.

No pets in your life?

Elephant family in Zambia, Africa

My daughter Andy took these pictures while visiting Zambia. The baby elephant is named Ellie!

Even if you don’t have pets, you can still view animals as part of your life growth strategy. Your relationship with the animal kingdom impacts how their lives play out on earth. From farm animals to rescue animals to polar bears, our values and our actions as humans have a huge impact.

Educate yourself on the issues and take actions to ensure we have a planet healthy enough to support its many animal species. How is that spiritual growth? When you open your heart, your empathy, to other living beings on the planet, that’s spiritual growth.

My report

I developed a free report for animal aficionados called, “5 Things Your Pets Want You to Know.” Here’s the first thing they want you to know. Download the whole report on my website at sacredgrove.com.

One Thing Your Pets Want You to Know: We Picked You

You’re the human, you bought or adopted us, right? So why are we saying that we picked you?

Here’s the deal: On a soul level, we agreed to live together in this life for a period. By acquiring us, you kept your part of the agreement. Now let’s figure out why we’re together. Because part of the game of life is to look deeper and see what we bring to you; not just what you bring to us – food, safety, shelter, etc.

We’re here to help you. Even if we are a rescue animal with issues, this is true. Look beyond our non-humanity. See the love we bring, the non-logical intelligence.

  • We may be companions to show you what unconditional love looks like.
  • Maybe we’re here to teach you something about yourself by responding to a behavior, emotion or thought you’re experiencing.
  • Maybe we’re helping you stay healthy by trying to clear a negative emotion that will eventually make you sick.
  • If you think of us as one of Spirit’s or God’s daily messengers, you might learn a lot about yourself!

Animal Life Lessons

This lesson comes from my animal communication session with Carys and her horse, Echo.

Michelle’s daughter, Carys wanted a horse to partner and compete with. When she met Echo, she knew he was the one. Michelle wasn’t so sure. But Carys was insistent. They finally decided to go with Echo – and from the start, he and Carys started communicated clearly and easily. Listen to Michelle and Carys talk about an animal communication session I did with Echo and how important he is in Carys’ life. He contributes to her self-growth. View Carys’ story on my Facebook page, Sacred Grove Pets or on my website, sacredgrove.com in the Success Stories section.

Into Action

Use these questions to practice the idea that your animals chose you. What do you discover about yourself or your animals?

  • Are you looking for a new pet for your family? Remember, we’re also looking for you, so use your intuition/your gut feeling to find us. Look at our pictures or interact with us and see if we “shine for you.” Ask your partner for their gut reaction and make a joint decision. If you’re meant to take us home, we will connect with you!
  • Are you unsure as to whether you made a good decision about me? Think back – What originally made you decide to bring me home? Start with that good energy and build on it.
  • Why might I have chosen you? What do you need in your life that I am helping you — or forcing you — to focus on?


This article was published in the inspirational women’s magazine, Aspire!