I’m so glad to share this story about someone who didn’t have to take her dogs to the shelter. Did you know that  6.5 million animal companions are taken to the shelter every year? It’s a great follow-up to my blog, Before you take your dog to the shelter.


They needed to get along

I had an animal communication session with a delightful client, Storm, and her two pups, Diamond and Drayden. Storm lives in a county that doesn’t allow a certain breed of dog. So if her pups didn’t get their acts together and “learn to love one another,” those dogs would be going to the shelter. And that meant they were – as I picked up from the Navy – “in deep kimchee.”

Here’s Storm’s story:

“I was frantically looking for another alternative to solving my issues with my fur kids other than taking them to the pound.


More skeptical than confident

“I came across Sacred Grove and was honestly more skeptical than confident because people claim to have gifts and don’t. Plus, I had lost hours in my job and couldn’t afford to give out free money.


“I spoke to Ms. Maribeth before our session and already my babies had tapped into our convo…she made me feel calm and confident so I booked a session. Ms. Maribeth was very professional yet friendly and relatable. I could tell she was passionate about my babies and her craft…not just the money…


I could feel the connection

“We spoke to the worst one first and then my other baby…I’m a learning empath but I could feel our connection…and it was strong.


Dormant behaviors are a good thing

“It’s a week since our session and my babies’ behaviors that we spoke about have been dormant. I’ve seen the positive changes given as an alternative and I’m super happy…


“I just found out I’m preggers and Ms. Maribeth had been adopted to the family…I and my furbabies will have update sessions to keep our communication clear and open and soon I’ll be taking classes to learn how to listen to my babies with our bond…


“THANK YOU SO MUCH Ms. Maribeth –  my babies literally would’ve been dead without you.”

 – -Storm, Diamond & Drayden


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