Spring Cleaning -> Spring Clearing

In my family, Mom organized spring cleaning. The air was mild, and we could open the windows again. Winter sweaters were put away. Summer clothes came out. Marigolds were planted. Rather than focus on a spring cleaning, let’s focus on a spring clearing – releasing unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, emotions or actions.

Spring Clearing for our animals’ sake

Let’s clear the limiting belief that it doesn’t matter what you say to or about your animals!

I’m not suggesting they understand you completely, like an adult human (although sometimes they do). But they feel and absorb the emotional content of what you are saying, good or bad. Here are a few examples.

  • Case 1: When the human of a very barky dog yelled, “Shut up!” at the top of his voice, I felt the barking dog’s hurt and fear.
  • Case 2: While a family cat was alive, the human routinely told people the cat was dumb. The cat came through a psychic to tell him, “I’m not stupid.”

Compassion and respect

How about practicing compassion and respect when talking to or about your animal? They will love you for it – even while you are helping them live more gracefully with people.

Working with our dog, Stella

Stella LargeStella has an extremely outgoing personality. She connects to others through her voice, usually loudly. Painfully so. I have been asking her to give one or two short barks in alert mode.  I touch her when she’s barking at something outside. Then I commiserate about the fact that the person, dog, or squirrel will not come over and say hello. There has been some improvement in the extreme barking.

I’ve also chosen to see one of her behaviors as amusing rather than irritating – she crazily barks at me when Charlie calls to me for dinner. I can hear him just fine – we’re living in a townhouse, for goodness’ sake. She’s telling me, “Quit working, darn it, and go get some dinner right now!!” Because I have been known to dawdle.

Dog Bark Alert My dinner alarm!

My dinner alarm!