Why does Diana Seidl help young people with intuitive gifts?

As an adult, I’ve taken many courses to open and improve my intuitive abilities. And I teach people to open their own abilities to communicate intuitively with their animals through my UConnect Animal Communication class.

But there’s not much support for young people with intuitive gifts. Young people can be puzzled, even frightened by their intuitive experiences. So can their parents and friends. As a result, many young people shut down their intuition.

To help parents and kids out, I asked Diana Seidl to share how she helps young people with intuitive gifts.

Listen to Diana’s own experiences and how she helps young people.

Helping young people develop their intuitive gifts

Here’s a condensed version of Diana’s interview.

Diana, when did you realize that you had intuitive gifts?

At about 5 or 6, I would get up in the middle of the night and stand over my father’s bed. He’d wake up seeing me huffing with fear. So he put me back to bed. But I just kept coming back – until Dad had a heart attack.  Happily, Dad survived and my intuition quieted.

Teenage years and intuitive gifts

When I became a teenager, my intuition reappeared. My friends would ask “Guess what I did on the weekend?” or “Guess what happened to me?”

I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to tell them what happened. I’d say, “Oh, you did this, this and this.” Kind of scared, they responded, “How did you know that?” “Well, I just knew.”

Worrying that I was making it happen; I stopped sharing. I became very quiet and pretended I didn’t know the answer.

Mother’s intuition arrives

My “mother’s intuition” began when my children were born. But I still didn’t talk about it. I felt isolated, different, and thought that I was crazy.

Corporate life doesn’t love it

It started to come forward in my corporate job, too. I made decisions intuitively. “If we do this, then this is going to happen.” And it happened. My colleagues said, “How do you know that?” My answer? “I just know.”

Finally open to the gift

At some point, I started opening up to the possibility that maybe I wasn’t crazy. Maybe I did know stuff that was going on.  Possibly this was more of a gift as opposed to a burden.

How did you decide to help young people with intuitive gifts?

After speaking to a group of women about my healing business, a woman approached me.  She shared that her 13 year old daughter was experiencing some unexplained situations, that her doctor wanted to put her daughter on medication and asked me if I could help.

This drew me back to when I was 13 with no one to talk to about what I was experiencing.  I didn’t want her to feel that way.  I could at least speak to her daughter and let her know that she wasn’t crazy.  Every day, youth enter this world with amazing, intuitive gifts.

We scheduled a time to meet.  I shared with her, “You have a choice. You don’t have to experience this if you don’t want to, but you do need to choose one way or the other.”

With that, we worked together on building  appropriate boundaries, and declaring to the Universe what she did and didn’t want and who was welcome into her circle.  It was amazing to see the light return to her eyes.

Advice for parents

If this is your child, don’t freak out. Listen to them, believe them. Let them share and don’t make a big deal about it. It’s not a monster in the closet.

Advice for young people

Firstly, you’re not crazy. Continue asking the Universe for help. It will place the right person in your life who can and will help. If it i feels right intuitively, in your gut , then you’ll  know it’s the right person

Did you experience this kind of experience as a kid? How did you handle it?

I’d love to hear!

Diana Seidl helps young people develop their intuitive giftsDiana Seidl

Diana is an insightful, compassionate, psychic healer and communicator who shares powerful healing and meaningful messages for people and their animals.

As a Reiki grand master, she’s been offering Reiki to her clients and their animals for over five years and animal communication for the past two.

Diana is passionate about educating youth and adults in understanding and developing their own unique, intuitive talents and gifts.

She opened her own practice, Heart and Soul Ottawa Reiki, https://www.heartsoulottawa.com/, in Ottawa, Canada, where she lives with her husband and three pets.