Connecting with our animals at a soul level can bring us – and them – more peace and joy.

I don’t usually start with this topic. But seems like our connection to animals has changed in the time I’ve been on the planet.

From the backyard to the bed – connecting with our animals has changed

Back in the day, my husband’s grandfather used to keep his beagles in the backyard. Nowadays, I wake up with my dogs and cats in my bed! Can you relate?

They’re family

So, I work with people who have the same family relationship with their animals that I do – even if they’re too big to fit on the bed or don’t want to! Because we want a lovely and loving relationship with our animal companions.

Connecting with our animals = improving family relationships

More specifically, I work with people whose beloved animal companions have specific issues. Whether physical, or behavioral/emotional, these issues worry or frustrate their people. And that’s not what folks want in their relationships.

People focus on these issues because improving them improves the relationship. As issues improve, we humans experience more positive emotions with our companions.

This interaction nurtures our soul connection

And this is how we nurture the soul connection between us and our animals. We feel more love and so do they.

When we feel deep love for another sentient being, we create a soul-to-soul connection. On the other side of the coin, experiencing deep love and concern FROM another sentient being connects both our souls as well.

Connecting beyond our animal companions

I’ve noticed that more of us humans now desire a soul connection with many other species. And some of those beings are willing to reciprocate.

The good news is that not only personal love relationships connect and enrich our souls and theirs. We are both enriched when we feel respect for them, a desire for their wellbeing, patience, compassion, and an understand that they bring something unique to the planet.

By the way, I’m not saying “Hug a bison!” I’m just noticing that more humans are starting to show respect for other species.

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The heart of my work

That’s the heart of MY work. I love helping you and your animal forge a deeper bond through intuitive communication. Maybe you’ve already noticed how your heartfelt interaction with your animal enriches your soul. And how it helps your animal blossom, too.

From this heartfelt interaction, try opening your soul to connecting to the other species of the world through respect and compassion.

Has your relationship with your animal companion opened your heart and soul?

Maybe you’ve already noticed your deepening connection to other species. And you can see how the relationship with your animal companions played its part. I would love to hear what you notice in the comments section.

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