Our podcast interview

Stacy LeBaron of Community Cats Podcast recently interviewed me. Stacy has been involved in animal welfare for over 20 years. In her podcast, Stacy interviews renowned experts helping with the problem of cat overpopulation and cat welfare.

And me. 😉

Dealing with loss

In our discussion, Stacey and I talked about intuitive animal communication. We touched on how I help people find peace after the loss of their pets. I went on to share some ideas of how volunteers can deal with their worry and sadness when feral cats they’ve been caring for disappear.

Listen to our discussion

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Community Cats Podcast 2What does Community Cats do?

Community Cats empowers people to help all cats in their community, especially feral cats. I love that! They provide education, information and dialogue to create a supportive environment to help cats in local communities. And they support local TNR (trap, neuter, return) organizations to manage feral and stray cats.

More specifically, they offer:

  • a weekly podcast
  • networking and sharing opportunities
  • consulting
  • visioning workshops for organizations

Grants to support spaying/neutering

Community Cats also give grants out to 501c3 organizations to help develop and support spay/neuter programs. To learn more about these grants, click here.

Learn more about Community Cats

Go to Community Cat Podcast.com or check out their Facebook page.


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