Communicating with wild animals can be amazing. Even if you’re not sure you connected, you’ll find it a fun practice. When I originally wrote this, I had returned from two weeks in Singapore and Australia. I had a great time in Australia practicing my communication skills with the wild animals. Here are some ideas for communicating with wild animals for you to try..

Communicating with wild animals – practice ideas

First, hold the intention that you’re going to communicate with wild animals. Keep an open mind. Tell your logical brain, “Let’s just try it and see. We’ll never know if we don’t try. And it’s going to be fun!”

Since this is practice, there is no way to do it wrong. So relax and enjoy it. It’s just between you and the animals, unless you want to share it with someone you trust.

  • When you see a wild animal, say hello, either in your mind or out loud. Can you catch their eye? (I practice bird calls just for fun.)
  • Tell them you wish them well and you hope their day is good.
  • Send them love and gratitude for their existence. FEEL the emotion and imagine sending it to them like a gentle, warm breeze or soft light. This is extremely good for your own animals, of course.
  • Ask how they’re doing. Notice if you get a thought or feeling or a knowing. Don’t judge what you get. Smile and think, “They connected with me.” Some birds have responded to me with, “Are you talking to me??” They’re surprised. Squirrels have hidden on the other side of the tree and then pop out to eye me. I tell them, “Just saying hi, friend! Don’t mind me!” Butterflies or dragonflies might fly with or around you or even land on you.

Communicating with wild animals through messages from Mother Nature

Another way to practice communicating with animals is to set your intention that the first animal you see each day has a message for you. To do this, note the animal, and then look up its meaning. Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak and Nature Speak are both excellent sources of information.

Now, this isn’t direct one-on-one communication between you and the animal who appears. Instead, It’s a gift from Mother Nature, her way of playing/ connecting with us humans.

Communicating with a kangaroo in the bathroom

communicating with wild animals -Meeting a kangaroo

My most amazing communication with a wild animal was with a wild kangaroo. I was at a resort pool in Australia and went into the women’s bathroom.

I encountered a kangaroo with a roll of toilet paper in his mouth and about eight feet of unrolled paper flowing out of his mouth! He looks at me and I heard the equivalent of “Oh, sh**, busted!”

I was pretty amused. However, I thought it might not be a good idea to laugh at him.

My communication – “I’ll do my business, you do yours”

So I told him I was just going to walk around him and go to the end stall. He could do whatever he thought was appropriate. For some reason, I wasn’t worried about his behavior.

From the yells of a little boy, he had moved into the men’s bathroom while I was in the stall. Looking for his next fix, I assume. But he left after the boy ran out yelling for his mom.


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Have you connected/communicated with a wild animal? I’d love to hear your story, just comment below.