I’ve added new medical intuition practices to my animal communication sessions lately.  I added these practices after I completed Tina Zion’s basic and advanced Medical Intuition classes for humansAs a result, I’m one of a handful of professionals recommended on Tina’s website since she no longer does individual sessions.

As an animal communicator, I already received information about how animals were feeling physically and emotionally; where they hurt or how an area seemed to be functioning. I was able to ask them why they did what they did and hear their response.

Medical intuition and animal communication – a lovely combination

I found that Tina Zion’s additional medical intuition practices helped my human clients and me find out even more about what’s going on with their animals.

I receive more specific information about how animals are feeling, both physically and emotionally than previously. As I scan the animal’s energy field for information, I may discover dense, sludgy energy. There might also be areas of bright, lovely energy as well.  I may see symbols that gave me information about the animal’s wellbeing (which comes from my 30+ years practicing dream analysis).  I may also receive data from past experiences.

And I ask what the origin of their issue is. This turns out to be quite useful. With that information, I tailor our session to specifically help their animal’s issues.

The animal’s person works with me

What I love most is that I get to invite their person to join me in this work. It’s not like I’m sitting back and requiring their person to do all the heavy lifting. Rather, we do it together; for a bit of time, they and their animal are the driver and I’m the navigator.

Since they can’t do it wrong, it can be quite empowering. All it takes is imagination and a willingness to let the process take them on this journey with their animal.

My sense is that the synergy of the person’s desire for improvement along with my expertise brings the healing and clearing vibration to a very high level. In these sessions my intention is to harness the energy of love between people and their animals so they can each shift into a bit more harmony with each other.

Humans benefit, too

medical intuition

And I help humans with these new practices, too. Sometimes we do it in conjunction with our work with the animals and sometimes people realize they want me to help them with something that isn’t related to their animal.

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