Here’s another reason why clearing negative energy helps sick animals, even those who eventually pass into the afterlife. I had a frank discussion with my mentor, Tina Zion, an incredible medical intuitive, about how energy healing affected my own animals’ lives.

Carrying negative energy into the afterlife

Sometimes – not usually – when I checked in with a chronically ill animal shortly after they passed, I saw them in a rehab. Loving nurses ministered to them. Probably because my mom, Mary Margaret, was a nurse trained in the early 1950’s, the nurses wore mid-20th century starched white uniforms, white hats and white shoes. They were helping the animals reclaim their healthy, clean, bright energy. It was a temporary stay, then they moved on to the fun stuff.

Clearing negative energy before a sick animal dies

In my conversation with Tina, I explained that I recently lost my dog, Tibor and cat, Mac to cancer. When we received the diagnoses, I used Tina’s protocol to clear the source energy of the cancer from each of them. Those energies were nothing you’d ever want in or around a loved one. Of course, I hoped they would recover, but they passed within a week of each other.

Clearing negative energy was a good thing

With Tina’s help, I realized that this energy would have followed them into the afterlife. Clearing the energy allowed Mac and Tibor to transition with less “baggage.” I could feel their gratitude.

So I thought about other very ill animals I worked with. When I released or cleared the negative source/origin energy of dire prognoses for them, some animals found joy again during the time they had left. Some lived past the “expiration date” given by their veterinarians. I know other modalities their people were using probably helped as well.

But whatever the outcome in the physical world, clearing this negative energy before they passed into the afterlife was a good thing. They started their afterlife from a stronger place. It confirmed the download I’d had many years ago:

“Good energy is never wasted.”

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