I’m Maribeth’s husband, Charlie. I contracted Hepatitis C from an unsanitary vaccination aboard a Navy ship many years ago. It was not diagnosed until after I retired, about eight years ago.

(Note: Charlie’s story was originally posted in 2012.)

Hepatitis C affects the liver, causing cirrhosis, which eventually leads to a requirement for a new liver. It also adversely affects the spleen and pancreas.

Limited Hepatitis C treatment options

Early on, I attempted a treatment plan for Hep C that almost killed me – at least it felt like it! (Maribeth: It was horrible…) But it did decrease my “viral loading” – the number of Hep C viral particles in the blood.

After that, the doctors predicted that I would get sicker, get on a liver transplant list, and hope for a new liver when the time came.

So I made some lifestyle changes to ease the burden on my liver, whose job is to detoxify the body. For instance, we picked healthier food choices. Happily, I had already stopped drinking many years previously. And I quit smoking after being diagnosed. But I still had more bad days than good days.

On the liver transplant list

Eventually I was put on the liver transplant list because of scarring from cirrhosis. Ironically, the scarring was from Hepatitis C, not my previous drinking.

Hepatitis C and energy healing

When Maribeth started her energy healing practice, I felt it was worth trying. So we started working on my health issues.

She first asked the virus to leave my body. Then she followed up by asking if it was unwilling to leave, to become an ally to help keep me healthy. It could protect me from other viruses and bacteria that were up to no good. Because, truthfully, it was in the virus’ best interest to keep me healthy and alive. Naturally, I concurred.

Additionally, Maribeth infused my body and liver with healing energy.

Off the liver transplant list

Today (2012), I am off the liver transplant list since my liver is too healthy to meet the criteria for a transplant. And the rate of liver damage has slowed because my viral load is much lower.

My doctors cannot explain this and have dismissed the idea that energy healing might have made a difference. I personally think that the periodic energy work, diet change and talking to the virus made a positive difference.

Update: A few years later, effective Hepatitis C medication became approved for veterans. This treatment worked for me.  

PS from Maribeth: Although energy healing did not “cure” Charlie’s Hep C, it did get him off the Liver Transplant List. Plus, he stayed healthy until a new and more effective antiviral medication cleared Hep C from his body.

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