In one of my communication/healing sessions, I worked to change a cat’s painful dental surgery experience! Wasn’t sure I could do it, but I sure wanted to try.

Naomi needed dental surgery

Tricia asked me why her cat, Naomi (not their real names) wasn’t eating regularly. Using medical intuition, I discovered a problem with several Naomi’s teeth. She was in significant pain. After I shared this, Tricia checked out Naomi’s mouth. She noticed one tooth hanging “by a thread.” Of course, she scheduled an appointment for dental surgery.

A painful dental surgery experience

In the past, Naomi wouldn’t come home super upset after a visit to the veterinarian. So Tricia expected that same laid-back kitty after dental surgery. But this time, Naomi was super upset, hiding in places that weren’t safe – she even got stuck with her cone on in the empty space between the ceiling and floor above. Luckily, they were able to get her out without hurting anyone.

Let’s change that experience

That’s when Tricia asked me to help Naomi return to that relaxed version of herself. In this session, I connected with Naomi with the help of my Guides. I was shown that the clinic had started the dental surgery before the anesthesia completely kicked in. It was not on purpose. Because of that, Naomi experienced significant pain during the surgery.

To help Naomi shift, I asked Tricia to imagine we were going back in time to the veterinarian’s office during the dental surgery. She let Naomi know she was there and felt that they had connected. We then moved to a few minutes before surgery started to create a new experience, memory or vision for Naomi.

Tricia imagined that the Vet Tech noticed that Naomi wasn’t completely under before surgery started. She immediately alerted the Veterinarian. So they gave her a bit more anesthesia. Then they waited for the anesthesia to work at a deeper level. Finally, they began the dental surgery, but this time Naomi experienced no pain. This groggy kitty returned home to her loving family.

Back to her old self

A few days later, Tricia let me know that Naomi was a different cat. Tricia shared that Naomi “kept head butting her treat bowl and knocked all the treats on the floor. Then she plopped her body down and rolled around in them. She’s doing so much better after [the] session.”

I loved this! We created a new, non-painful version of Naomi’s dental surgery experience. As far as I can explain it, we were working in the quantum energy field, where time is fluid. We gave her a new, happier memory, which felt so much better.

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