Yes, I can tell you what your pet is thinking. That’s because I connect with animals on an intuitive level. I use telepathy to receive words, pictures, physical/emotional feelings and even memories (which are usually pictures) from animals.

Does this mean that they are thinking or talking to me in English? Maybe not, although new research shows dogs process speech similar to how humans process speech. For me, my brain/mind interprets telepathic information in a way that makes sense to me.

Six pound cat thinks she’s a Sabre-Toothed Tiger

That’s why when I aske a six-pound cat how she saw herself, she showed up in my mind’s eye as a Sabre-Toothed Tiger! Maybe she saw herself that way. Or maybe my mind/brain took her communication and figured out that a Sabre-Toothed Tiger would be the perfect way to communicate how she saw herself.

But no matter how it happens, we’re still communicating!

I know I have made a real connection when the animal shares something that I didn’t know. For example, while communicating with a cat, I heard “cinnamon.” When I told their person, I found out Cinnamon was the cat’s name before she was adopted!!

Think bigger!

If you want a useful session, move beyond, “What is my pet thinking?” For instance, is there some behavior or physical issue you want more information about? And you’d like them to modify? Do you need to explain that your son is going to college and won’t be home very often but he still loves them dearly? That’s where the gold is!

A virtual session to find out what they’re thinking

Since this is a telepathic connection, I don’t need to be in the same room – or continent – with your animal. I do like a picture, though. Virtual sessions work really well for animals who stress easily. They can hang out at home.

Or In-person

I also work out of the Veterinary Holistic Center in Springfield, Virginia if you live in metro D.C.

I’m not a dog trainer or animal behaviorist

In spite of that, I can help you discover why a certain behavior is happening. Then I can help you talk with your animal about what needs to change to improve the relationship. It’s usually a two-way street. Cats will start eating or using the litter box again. Dogs will release their separation anxiety. Feral miniature mules will finally accept veterinary help for their bronchitis after months in their sanctuary. So maybe I am an inter-species relationship counselor. Hah!

But I can support dog trainers, behaviorists & rehab specialists

Animal communication works well when coupled with dog training, rehab specialists or animal behaviorists who are open to what we do. I share the animal’s perception of the problem and how they feel about the training plan or plan of care. And I explain to the animal what’s going on and why.

For instance, I talked to a young dog receiving care to help regain mobility in his back legs. He had IVCC.  He did not seem motivated and his person thought he was lazy. Turns out, he did not understand what the exercises or rehab were for. When I explained the purpose, he became a full member of his treatment team instead of being passive and slightly resistant.

Let’s find out what your pet is thinking!