Picture a small version of a dark brown horse – not a pony.

That’s Hiccup, the miniature mule pictured above. Hiccup came to Little Longears Miniature Donkey Rescue a few years back with a bad bronchial infection and needed work on his hooves. Because he was almost feral, he would not allow people to give him the medical treatment he desperately needed.

Can a feral miniature mule learn trust?

Can I get through to Hiccup?

My friend Mary contacted me to see if I could help Hiccup. Using my intuitive animal communication skills, I saw his past, witnessing stuff out of horror stories. No wonder he distrusted humans!

That’s the first truth I learned. If you are tender hearted, you don’t want to know what your rescue animals have gone through. And the other truth is you don’t need to know the specifics in order to help them. Focus on what they are feeling now.

Hiccup thought all humans were bad

Hiccup saw the human species as BAD. That’s it. He’s not alone — other animals I’ve encountered feel the same. They write us off and don’t want to take a chance on us. It’s simply too painful.

Minature DonkeysAnimals can learn to discern who’s good

I teach animals discernment. First, I help them understand that there are good humans as well as bad humans. Then I show them how to use their intuition and heart chakras to feel what a specific human is all about. Since animals read our energy naturally, they learn this skill pretty easily. And that gets to the heart of trust. First, they have to believe good people are out there and then figure out which ones they can trust.

Why did Hiccup even listen to me?

Looking back, I’m surprised because there was only a small chance he would. But I came to him with a pure heart and lots of patience. I didn’t try anything physical with him. I energetically (remotely) petted his body as a way of getting him used to my energy and feeling good when we were connected.

He finally let them give him the medicine!

Once Hiccup understood that the people at Little Longears were good, I started feeling into his bronchial infection. I reminded him how good he would feel if he could breathe without coughing and wheezing. I communicated that if he let his caretakers give him medicine, he would experience relief. At long last, he accepted the medicine. And they took care of his hooves with a bit of sedation.

Meeting Hiccup in the flesh

When I finally met Hiccup in the flesh, he let me give him a treat, which was extraordinary according to the people at the rescue. I recently heard Hiccup now enjoys hanging around the stalls with everyone and adores the horse, Smoke. He trusts his people.

My takeaway? It is possible for even badly abused animals to trust.

PS – I started sponsoring Hiccup last year since I can’t adopt him. But people adopt many of the rescued donkeys. Learn more here.

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