For those in the U. S. I hope you’re having a great Fourth of July weekend! I’m usually visiting friends and family in my hometown, Buffalo, New York. Since the Pandemic, that schedule has been knocked off the calendar until later this year. 
And thanks in advance to husband, Charlie, who is taking care of our five (yes, FIVE) animal companions: our cats, Mac, Bunnie and Shadow and our dogs, Tibor and Stella!
Check out this video from my teacher, Joan Ranquet, showing a very easy technique to help calm our animals who freak out with fireworks, ambulances and thunder. Her animal communication school is Communication With All Life University and it has an incredible curriculum if you want to be a professional. But if you want to learn to communicate with your own animals, check out my UConnect class.
I’ve got one of those dogs who freak out with loud noises –  Tibor. When we adopted him, he came with the name, Thunder. (Cripes, who names a dog after something that terrifies them??)
I do this technique and it helps. I talk to him while I’m doing it to remind him that he’s safe and can still enjoy life in spite of these sounds.
BTW, we renamed Tibor after Medal of Honor Awardee Tibor Rubin, a incredibly wonderful American hero and human being – who was an immigrant! 
The Bladder Sweep Grounding Exercise



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