The Bladder Sweep Grounding Technique | Sacred Grove: Intuitive animal communication & energy healing; Alexandria, VA.
Hope you’re having a great Fourth of July! I’m visiting friends and family in my hometown, Buffalo, New York.
And thanks to husband, Charlie, who is taking care of our five (yes, FIVE) pets: our cats, Mac, Bunnie and Shadow and our dogs, Tibor and Stella!
Here’s my mentor, Joan Ranquet’s video showing a very easy technique to help calm our animals who freak out with fireworks and thunder.
I’ve got one of those – my dog, Tibor. He came to us as a rescue with the name, Thunder. (Cripes, who names a dog after something that terrifies them??)
I do this technique and it helps.
BTW, we renamed Tibor after Medal of Honor Awardee Tibor Rubin, a great American hero who was an immigrant!
The Bladder Sweep Grounding Exercise

Work with Maribeth!


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