Becca Weinstein of Inner Fire Visioning helps integrate our energies so we can move through life with purpose and strength. I interviewed Becca to learn more about her gifts and to learn how she stopped taking on others’ stress and trauma. Many empaths I’ve met deal with this problem.

An intuitive empath, Becca learned to strengthen her own energetic system and this was the key to not absorbing others’ stress and trauma. Using her knowledge and intuition, she helps integrate energies for those who work with her.

Becca’s an artist

And Becca’s an artist! Her art serves as a powerful medium for the energy work and intuitive knowing that flows through her. The painting above is Becca’s “Full Moon: Release and Manifest.” You can see more art in our interview.

And connects with animals intuitively

As an animal communicator, I loved Becca’s powerful story about her communication with a dog who bit her. The outcome became a gift for this dog.

Watch our interview below.

Becca Weinstein helps integrate our energies

This blog has been edited for clarity and brevity.

 What has your intuitive journey been like?

I was a very sensitive child, aware of the energy and the emotions around me. But no one related in that way. So I shut it down.

As an adult, I still didn’t understand I was an empath. Why couldn’t I ground? Why wasn’t my inner work helping? Finally, I realized others’ energy and emotions interfered with my energy! And because of that noise, I didn’t trust my intuition. So I built up defenses, but felt isolated and apart.

My energy field is essential for helping integrating others’ energy.  But it was difficult to integrate others’ energy with the barriers I built. It felt reactive. We’re in a defensive space when we build energetic barriers. We’re not in our power.

Empowered alignment strengthens our energies

Realizing that I confused outside emotions for my own, I learned to integrate my energies instead of building defenses. And this cleared out and strengthened my energetic system. As the interference of others’ energies dissolved, my intuition became clearer. Now, messages show up everywhere!

Experiencing integration of energies

I now offer empowered alignment, so my clients clear, strengthen, and align their energy field, just like I did for myself. Alignment releases others’ energies and allows people to enjoy and share their intuitive gifts.

In my Foundation session, we go in depth. Intuitive information comes through about my client’s energy signatures. For instance, I may sense prior life experiences, past life experiences, that affect current relationships. To prepare for our session, I use Human Design and Gene Keys to get a sense of your unique energy expression. Then I paint Your Energy Vortex Painting, for you to use in meditation to support your empowered enlightenment.

With this insight, we clear that interference. We may do breathwork or energy exercises to start clearing and strengthening their system.

Quantum Support Painting

When people are out of alignment, they have a conflict with what they want to manifest or create. The conflict could be energetic, emotional and/or their beliefs. They hit a wall. What they want to manifest may never come into form.

To overcome this block, I create paintings which carry energies that resonate with what the person wants. And I share how to use the painting to come into alignment. It’s beyond just thinking.

A family energy portrait – One human, two cats

At Maribeth’s request, I created a family’s vortex portrait.  There’s the integrated vortex for all three beings (human and her two cats). In it, you see the individual energies for each being. This helps the family integrate their energies.


A special connection with a dog’s energy

A few years ago, I attended a public art space where people brought their pets. There I met two Great Danes who were friendly and sweet. The older male Great Dane, “Darren” (not his real name) was about 13 and the younger female dog (“Jeannie”) was four or five. We connected instantly!

As we were leaving, I said goodbye to Darren. He was resting, but his eyes were open. When I reached out, he bit me hard. The moment Darren realized what he’d done, his whole energy shifted. He was in shock, saddened, and so was I. Immediately, Jeannie came over to lick me with love.

Darren had hurt others before

Sadly, Darren had hurt other people before. His guardians tried to convince me not to get medical attention because he would probably be euthanized.  Feeling bad, I didn’t go at first. “It’s just my little finger. I’ll be okay.” But by evening, I knew the damage was serious and I got medical attention. Turns out Darren broke a bone, which kept me from my massage therapy practice for months. Sadly, Darrin was euthanized.

Darren and Jeannie share their gratitude

The last thing I wanted was to cause Darren harm. However, when I connected to both dogs, I only felt gratitude. Darren’s guardians’ love held him beyond the point where he could control his actions (dementia). And so, my decision to seek medical help allowed Darren to transition.

Maribeth: What I heard from him was, “Thank you, finally! I’ve been ready to go for a while. Somebody got the message.”

Becca: I sensed that he didn’t want to harm anybody and would rather transition than cause harm.

Maribeth: We’re not advocating euthanasia for dementia. But when you’ve tried everything – a trainer experienced with dementia or aggression, good veterinary care, alternative therapies – it may be time to let go with love. Give them the gift to clear and integrate their energy in the afterlife if they can’t do it in this lifetime.

Becca Weinstein helps integrate our energiesBecca Weinstein has always been drawn to wellness and wellbeing. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and La Universidad de Chile’s Institute of International Studies, her service includes public and non-profit sectors as well as international and community endeavors.  This led her to seek her own physical and spiritual healing. Her experiential learning included massage therapy, holistic health coaching and energy work.

An intuitive empath, Becca learned to strengthen the integrity of her own system to not take on the stress and trauma of others and the world. Instead, she experiences these gifts in their highest form.

Integrating and drawing from her studies and personal experience, she amplifies and catalyzes energy processes, receives intuitive insights and information, and sees the highest possibilities and potentials for any situation.

Becca’s art serves as a powerful medium for the energy work and intuitive knowing that flows through her.


Instagram: @becca.innerfire