Tough times happen

When we face tough times, many of us call our moms, dads, sisters or brothers to ask them for guidance and help, to provide advice and support. But most of us don’t know that we can call on relatives who have passed on as well. And we can feel the support of animals who have passed on. They all support and love us through the tough times.

I love grandmothers who passed

This month I felt that my husband’s grandmother (who had passed away) was willing to help him with some family issues. And indeed, it turned out there was a long-overdue resolution of a longstanding situation that day.

I then remembered a few years back when I felt my dad’s grandmother was actively working to help heal a situation that had turned sour in my family. A few weeks later, things started to move towards reconciliation.

And I love animals who passed

When my dog, Eddy died, I was devastated. She comforted me on my business trip to Colorado, which took place right after she died. I actually felt her next to me on the plane and in the hotel room. She did that for me because she loved me.

Do you think love survives?

If you believe that people survive death, do you think their love and caring for us survives as well? My experience tells me animals also survive death and care about us. And they want to assist us.

Ask for help

You can ask for their help. Look to the ones you admired and to those who cared for you while alive – skip those who did not treat you well or were neglectful.

Ask them out loud to help smooth the way, to give you strength, to help you see a situation clearer, to put someone in your life that will help you move towards greater health and happiness. These are just examples; you know best what you need.

Ask only for good

Do not ask for anything bad or negative to happen. Ask for a resolution that is for the highest good for all concerned, including you. If you think you’ve received guidance, run it by your own belief system and God/Source before taking action.

I don’t think this is a substitute for praying to God/Source, but it may appeal to those of us who would feel comforted knowing that our relatives and even our beloved animals are still involved in our lives.


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