When our animals face tough time, we reach out to trusted medical or behavioral experts. As we should. But we can also ask beings in spirit for help.

Ask family members who’ve passed

If there’s a family situation that’s upsetting our animals, we might ask relatives in spirit to help out. Ask those with open hearts and love for the family to intervene. Look to the ones you admired and to those who cared for you while alive. Skip those who did not treat you well or were neglectful. Or didn’t love animals!

Ask grandmothers to help

These examples are not animal related. But they’re good examples of deceased grandmothers helping my family.

A while ago, I felt that my husband’s deceased grandmother was willing to help him with some family issues. And indeed,  a long-overdue resolution of a longstanding situation was resolved that day.

I then remembered when I my grandmother, Eleanor Hahn actively worked to heal a family situation that turned sour. A few weeks later, things started to move towards reconciliation.

Ask other people in spirit to help animals

In my work, I’ve also asked people in spirit to help animals having a hard time. For instance, sometimes an adopted cat or dog was in sent to a shelter after their guardian died. Their new family asked me to help the animal relax into this new life.

So I asked their deceased guardian to join us. We told their pet that they still loved them and wanted them to be happy with this new family. As you can imagine, the guardian in spirit was relieved and delighted to help!

Or as an animal gets ready to transition, we ask family and friends in spirit to attend the transition. They become the heartfelt welcoming party! Even relatives who didn’t know the animal during their lifetime stepped up to help out of love for the family.

Animals who passed can help

Many times, I’ve asked our pets in spirit to show new pets how to live happily with the humans who’ve adopted them. And we’ve asked them to join the welcoming party as their friend begins to transition. They love the job!

It feels so good to know our deceased pets still care for us.

Ask ethereal beings for help

Ethereal beings  – divine, sacred beings – are always ready to help, too. We just need to ask! Ask help from divine, sacred beings who care about your animals. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, you’ll find divine beings who care deeply for non-human species.

Ask them out loud to help smooth the way, to give you strength, to help you see a situation clearer, to put someone in your life that will help you or your animal move through life with grace and ease and love. Tune in with your intuitive sense to notice guidance from them.

Ask only for good

Do not ask for anything bad or negative to happen. Ask for a resolution that is for the highest good for all concerned, including you. If you think you’ve received guidance, run it by your own belief system and God/Source before taking action.

I now have a team of divine, sacred beings who help me communicate with and heal animals (and their people). It has been a delightful shift working with these beings.

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