Yes, this is a challenge to re-examine your reservations about remote healing and animal communication. Truly, I had my own reservations until I personally experienced them. And now I do both.

My first remote healing

A dear friend, Gene, sent me healing Reiki (a type of energy healing) one morning.  (Just so you know, Gene lives in Massachusetts and I live in Virginia.) Nothing happened! Well, not until after I put the kids to bed and was winding down with Facebook. Out of nowhere, I experienced a huge wave of peace and relaxation. I felt like a limp noodle in a wonderful way.

Why the delay? Gene assured me that I received the energy at the time he sent it. So we figured my ego, who knows I can’t be in an altered state while at work, held the energy off until I was in a safe place. Thank you, ego!

My dogs start communicating with me

Some of my dogs had already “left the planet,” as I like to say – they had passed on. But they connected with me. You can read about these extraordinary experiences in my bio. Honestly, it never crossed my mind that this was possible!

What’s in it for you?

The world becomes a much more interesting place when you re-evaluate your beliefs about remote healing and animal communication. And you have more tools to help your animals. You might avoid re-homing, have fewer vet bills, experience better behaviors and health.

Let’s talk about reservations I’ve encountered.

Reservation #1 – There’s no science behind this stuff

This reservation was true when we only had Classical Mechanics (Newtonian Physics) to explain how the world worked. But scientists have discovered the “laws of nature” are very different at the sub-atomic level of life. As a result, there’s a new branch of science – Quantum Mechanics.

If you want to see how animal communication/telepathy is real, read Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. Dr. Sheldrake focuses on the animal receiving information from the human. But it works both ways.

Read more in my blog, How Energy Healing Works.

Reservation #2 – Remote can’t be as effective as in person

It’s a different experience, for sure. I love meeting people and their animals in person. When I’m with them, I enjoy touching the animals, looking them in the eye and verbally talking to them (and you) face-to-face. It’s a treat!

But animal communication is telepathic, mind to mind. Animal communicators aren’t reading the animal’s nonverbals, we’re connecting with their personality. And in remote healing, we’re sending the animals (and sometimes you)  energy. Distance doesn’t matter.

With remote sessions, you don’t spend time driving your animal somewhere. You don’t have to get your house – or your animal – cleaned up for a visit. No need to make sure your animals are on their best behavior, you can just relax. And there are probably more  times available than in-person sessions.


remote energy healing for catSamson, who is about 13, & I worked with Maribeth for a sore that would not heal. The vet offered to do surgery, When Maribeth connected with Samson, she heard a very determined, “NO WAY JOSE!”Instead, we focused on healing his sore.

Maribeth felt there was something stuck under his skin surrounded by scar tissue – she heard the word, “encapsulated.” Maribeth used energy healing to draw it to the surface. We completed our remote sessions in November. The sore was still active, although not as bad as before. Maribeth continued to send Samson remote Scalar Wave energy healing.

In December, it looked as if we were going to have to take Samson back to the vet. The sore was open and he was licking it. A few days later I checked & the sore was gone.  The hair has almost grown back and I can’t even feel the wound. He’s playing with his toys like a kitten and has resumed his role as alpha cat. I’d about given up, it had been so long!  Marynance S. & Samson, California


Reservation #3 – Why does it matter?

Animal communication and healing can make a world of difference, especially when other modalities aren’t working as well as you’d hoped.

Maybe you’re working with a great dog trainer or behaviorist and your pet still isn’t quite getting it. They might be a rescue with a tough past.  Maybe their separation anxiety is still concerning, even with medication from a vet you love. Some don’t eliminate where they’re supposed to – and you would like to stop being the clean-up crew.  And even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal to others, they just seem unhappy.


Jennifer Flynn and Harley the Dog!


Reservation #4 – How do I know who to trust?

Unlike medical doctors or veterinarians, there are no license requirements for animal communicators or energy healers as far as I know. Look for someone who’s trained, recommended by someone you trust or has solid testimonials. And get a feel for their personality, you want to feel at ease. Read more in my blog, 5 Traits to Look for in Animal Communicators.


Reservation #5 – Normal people don’t use animal communicators …do they?

I get it – This is eye-rolling territory for a lot of people. The receptionists at the veterinarian’s office where I work told me about a couple of clients at a previous clinic who used an animal communicator. These clients didn’t sound mentally stable, to tell you the truth. Even my son Pat has been reluctant to tell people his mom is an animal communicator.

Truth is, a lot of very normal, solid people have used my services. People you would like and trust. Successful people in big-time corporate jobs. Entrepreneurs. Coaches. Military. Photographers. Mortgage lenders. Dog trainers. Veterinarians. Energy healers married to police officers. Massage therapists. Tax accountants. CPAs.


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