One way to get or stay healthy is to listen to your body. And then, take your body’s advice. The body communicates through the language of pleasure, pain and other physical symptoms.

Listen to your body’s advice through dreams

Many years ago, I dreamt that my dogs Timmie and Missy were extremely amped up to get out and walk/jog. In this case, I intuitively knew that my dream used Timmie and Missy as symbols for my body. The dream was telling me to increase my physical activity. I took my dream’s good advice!

Our relationship with our body is fundamental

The relationship with our bodies is fundamental to our physical lives on earth. To me, it’s like a marriage between our personality/soul and our physical embodiment. If you or your body decide that the relationship is over; if one of you says, “I just can’t do this anymore;” your life on this planet ends.

Treat your body as a valued partner

I believe our spirits survive the death of our bodies! But in the meantime, why not treat your body as a valued partner? I’ve started doing this and it has paid off in health and well-being.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T as you listen to your body

Partners like to be listened to. They like to be consulted. They like to be treated well. So if you’ve got a few minutes, listen to one of my all-time favorite song from the 60s by Aretha Franklin, RESPECT. To paraphrase the song, our bodies are “askin’ for is a little respect..just a little bit. Find out what it means to them.”

Listen to your body when you feel pain

Pain is the body’s message that something’s not working so well. Don’t ignore it; find out what’s going on.

Communicate with your body

Now that I’m an animal communicator, I find that consciously communicating with my body is a great practice. I can do this because I know our bodies have a consciousness of their own and they listen to what we say to them and about them.

First, stop saying mean things about your body. It is ALWAYS doing the best it can with the tools it’s given.

Instead, express gratitude

I thank my body often for keeping me on the planet. For recovering from excess alcohol. When I take the time to do my yoga and Tai Chi, I thank my body for returning to flexibility. For returning to health after viral and bacterial infections have run their course. And for shifting my perspective when I see something breathtaking in the natural world.

Acknowledge the body’s pain

As I already said, do your homework to find the cause of your body’s pain. Then tell your body, “Thanks, I got the message. Relax! I’m going to start doing ….” (whatever changes you’ll be making). Just as important, keep your promise! Express gratitude if or when the pain diminishes.

Ask your body to collaborate with your medicine

Do you take medicines, vitamins, supplements? Choose to imagine that they want to help your body stay healthy. With that mindset, ask your body to partner with them as if they’re on the same team – Team Healthy You. I even imagine them coordinating their vibrations for my health. Then thank them.

What about our beloved animal companions?

When your beloved companions are facing or recovering from a body issue, thank the body for hanging in there. Also, thank their medicines and supplements for keeping them well. Ask them and the body to coordinate their work. When you see them getting older, thank their body for keeping them on the planet as long as it works for them; even at the very end. Every day is a gift.

Is it time to ask the body (yours or your animal companion’s) what’s up using Maribeth’s Medical Intuition skills?

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