When I ask “Are you a hoarder?”, I mean our minds, not our house!

Most of us aren’t house hoarders. We routinely throw out the garbage, old newspapers, junk and clutter. Every so often, we clean out our refrigerators. The dishes clothes get washed and put away. Local thrift shops get some of our stuff.

House Hoarders keep it all. Every horizontal surface may end up covered with stuff. Through a rescue organization, I even adopted a dog who came from someone who hoarded animals in their house.

But House Hoarders are a perfect analogy for what most humans do with negative emotions, thoughts, judgments, beliefs and bad memories.

Houses as symbols in dreams

Dreams use symbols to communicate with us, And a dream about a house many times symbolizes the dreamer’s body or inner life.

If we could “see” the negative emotions, thoughts, grudges, reactions to painful memories and judgments that fill up our “inner house,” most of us would label ourselves “mental and emotional hoarders.”

They impair our ability to think and act in new and creative ways, to come up with different and better ways to live our lives with peace and love.

They hinder our ability to feel comfortable in our life because there’s no uncluttered place in our soul to rest our spirit.

And, to connect this to animal communication, our animals may be affected by our judgments and feelings. That’s because thoughts and emotions are electrical vibrations they our animals are naturally attuned to.

You could be a mental/emotional hoarder if you…

  • Think or act negatively towards yourself or others even when you don’t want to.
  • Wonder if some of your physical ailments are outward signs of inner turmoil.
  • Hold grudges that you can’t let go.
  • Have bad memories that haunt you.

Don’t judge yourself, you’re not alone – this list is from my own experience!

Clean out the “hoarder” clutter to:

  • Emanate more lovely energy that’s felt by your beloved animal companion (your animals will thank you)
  • Access more of your intuition
  • Experience more joy in your life
  • Support your physical body

Intuitive healing helps clean out the negative stuff we’ve been hoarding. Best of all, we replace it with positive energy. We work with both the mind and soul.

A complete “inner house” cleaning doesn’t happen in one session. Would you expect to clear out a house with 10+ years of accumulated “stuff” in one hour? But it is absolutely possible to experience a profound clearing in one session if you are ready and open.

Ready to clear out some of your emotional baggage? As a medical intuitive and energy healer, I can help!

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