I love this discussion from my friend, Nicole Meltzer on how animals can be messengers from Spirit if we pay attention. It’s not Animal Communication, which is a telepathic communication between a person and an individual animal. But animal guidance is something that comes up for my clients frequently, and it’s a delightful practice! Enjoy!

Grandma and robins

Here’s a personal story of how animals can be messengers from Spirit.


Every spring my mother, grandmother and I had a competition of who would be the first to see a robin. I’ve always associated robins with my grandmother. So when she passed away, I found myself looking for them. I wanted to know that she was still with us. But that first year we didn’t see a lot of robins. Mom and I joked that she brought them with her to heaven.


The following year my mom bought a cottage. Just before she signed the papers she spoke of how grandma would’ve loved to see this peaceful retreat. I went with her on closing day to get the keys and open up the cottage. As we drove out of the small town by the lake, we saw a dark cluster of something on the road. Mom slowed the car and we both went completely white in shock. As we got closer to the spot we realized it was at least a dozen robins on the road! They all turned to look at us and then flew off. We knew it had to be a sign from grandma that she was sharing this special day with us!


Let me be clear. I don’t believe my grandmother is now a robin. What I do believe, though, is she is in flow with the Universal energy and can communicate with us through this energy stream.


Messages from Spirit from animals and nature


If you picture the Universal energy (all that connects us) as a river which is continuously flowing, you’d see many animals floating down the river, while humans watch from the banks or, worse, try to paddle upstream. As humans, we tend to overthink and second guess our intuitive nudges. This can keep us from being in the flow. Animals are there 100% of the time.  For this reason, Universal energy communicates easily with us through metaphor via animals and nature.


The challenge comes when trying to decipher what is a message and what is just an ordinary occurrence.  I don’t see a robin and think, “oh hi Gram!” But if I was thinking of her prior to seeing the robin, then I would take this as confirmation that her energy is with me.


Receive guidance from animals


I play this game to receive guidance from animals as well, not just to connect with those who have passed. When I have a decision to make between 2 choices, I will allocate a specific animal to each choice and then go for a walk in nature. As I step onto the trail, I proclaim that I am open to the guidance of which choice is in the best interest for me and all involved.  Then I walk. I don’t specifically look for each of the animals. I remain aware. And 100% of the time, I don’t see the animals until I have let go of seeing them.


Ever since I learned how animals can be messengers from Spirit, I’ve had some magical experiences. This morning I was deciding between two different marketing tasks for my business. I gave Choice A, a squirrel and Choice B, a blue jay.  I saw both on my journey, but it was the squirrel that came close and left a piece of bread on my path, just as I arrived home. Choice A literally brought the bread home to me! So, that will be my choice for today!


I love this light-hearted way of communicating with Spirit. It makes the decision-making process easier for this over-thinker. Plus, I get to play with animals every day!

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Nicole Meltzer How to receive guidance from animalsNicole Meltzer is the founder and director of BalancedUAcademy.com. Her Flow program helps you live your life with flow and ease by discovering your intuitive language; learning how to decipher the messages the Universe is sending you on a daily basis; and harnessing the energies of the moon cycles and the Celtic tree wisdom.