It was a great interview!

I had a blast talking with Celia Kutcher about animal communication on the Animal Instinct podcast with Heritage Radio Network! Celia shared many fascinating stories about the animals in her life that befriended her when she was young and kept her safe. I had a fun time talking about what animals have shared with me when I connected to them. We even discussed ghost kitties!

Listen to the podcast here.

View the transcript here.

Here is an excerpt about my becoming an animal communicator:

Celia Kutcher:                 How and when did you find out that you have this gift (of animal communication)?

Maribeth Decker:        Well, as a joke on myself I always say, “I did not come out of the womb communicating with animals.” I wish I did, but that’s not my story. It happened when I became a Reiki Master, which is an energy healing technique that a lot of people are familiar with.

Timmie shows up

Strangely enough, when I became a Reiki Master, my dogs started communicating with me. My dog, Timmie who had passed, showed up in the dining room. He was, as they say in ghost stories, a full-body apparition. It was like he was sitting right there.

Celia Kutcher:                  Oh, wow.

Maribeth Decker:          I’m at the stove and I’m seeing him out of the corner of my eye yelling “Timmie!” Then I look at him and he’s gone. My response at the time was, “Yeah, cool, but I need to get dinner…moving right along.”

Mitsubishi tells me off

Maribeth Decker:            Then my dog, Mitsubishi, (the kids named him). He was a Siberian Husky. He saw me trying to do some Reiki on my little dog Eddy. She was also named by my kids. She was on her way out and she finally passed on. As he got older, he had some hip issues. I was doing Reiki on him on the couch. He looked at me and what I heard was, “Don’t try that S-H-I-T on me. That killed Eddy!” He jumps off the couch and walks away and I’m like, “Whoa.” I didn’t know what to do with it. I hadn’t heard of animal communicators at that time.

Celia Kutcher:                  Seriously?

Maribeth Decker:            Right?

Celia Kutcher:                  I love it.

Tibor sends scary visions

Maribeth Decker:           Mitsubishi passed and when he passed, Tibor came into my life. He was a rescue dog. He’s the guy who really got me doing animal communication. Tibor’s a really sweet dog. He was probably a year-and-a-half when we got him. He’s a good-looking dog, a Shar Pei-German Shepherd mix.  

Celia Kutcher:                  Oh, cool.

Maribeth Decker:            Yeah. Broken tooth, scars and some aggression issues based on some fear, yet he’s a really nice guy. We’ve talked through things and he’s much better. So back to the beginning. I’m sitting on the couch again. Same couch, strangely enough, but with Tibor instead of Mitsubishi. Every time I sit down I see a picture of a man standing up with this huge suit of clothes and a German Shepherd running at him and biting his arm. It’s like the pictures I used to see sometimes where they’re teaching dogs to be attack or guard dogs.

German Shepherd attacking training guard with protective suit 2

Why is this man laughing? I’d be scared you-know-what-less!

I’m like, “I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’ve got to find out.” That was when I started. I had a friend who used an animal communicator. She told me what the person did. I went and started learning, getting training so I could do it on purpose. I’d been doing it for just my dogs and then I did it for other people’s horses and cats and dogs. I found I really loved it.