It’s time for a ghost story or two! None are ghastly, that’s no fun. But I think you’ll enjoy these ghost stories from my experiences, and the experiences of mediums Rob Gutro and Psychic Bob Hickman.


A Halloween Ghost Story – My Father-in-Law Visits

Ghost Story Father and Mother in Law

A while ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to crying dogs and cats. They were really agitated! in my house, that’s usually a clue that someone ethereal is visiting. In my mind’s eye, I saw the letters SARGE written with white chalk on a black chalkboard.

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A Ghost Story about Pep

Pep Ghost DogIt was a dark and stormy night at the Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP), perfect for a ghostly pet story. Actually, it was a windy Sunday afternoon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the day after Halloween.Husband Charlie and I were absorbing the history to sense who was still around.

We definitely didn’t expect to meet a dog and cat in spirit!

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The Difference Between Ghosts and Spirits

Rob GutroMany of us have experienced our animal’s presence after they’ve died. So I’m excited to have medium Rob Gutro explain the difference between ghosts and spirits.

I loved learning why knowing the difference is important.  Rob also explains what this difference means for our animals.

Read Rob’s latest book, Pets in the Afterlife 2.

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Talking with Psychic Bob as a Pet Psychic

Psychic Bob HickmanI don’t call myself a pet psychic; usually, I call myself an animal communicator. But when you’re talking with “Psychic Bob Hickman,” you go with the flow!

Psychic Bob and I discussed whether animals go to heaven (whatever concept you use). Bob shared a “ghost story” or two of his own – how a cat made an atheist believe in the afterlife, and hearing animals talk during near-death experiences.

In my “pet psychic” role, I did quick readings for a few callers about their animals – a Chihuahua who had heart problems, another who just had puppies and another who was pretty aggressive-barky towards other dogs.

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