in-person sessions are the only way to work with an animal communicator, right? Based solely on experience with other animal practitioners, we’d probably answer, “Of course!”

  • Need to see your vet? You’re going to drive your animal to their office.
  • Signing your dog up for training? You and your pup’ll be spending time with your trainer.
  • Going out of town? Time to find a good pet sitter!
  • Does the animal need surgery? The surgeon better be in the room when she’s doing the operation!

Isn’t this true for animal communicators?

Well, not really.

Myth Busting: You don’t need in-person sessions for it to work

Why? It’s telepathic

in-person sessions telepathy

To be clear, I connect telepathically. Telepathy doesn’t depend on location. It’s a mind to mind connection. And a mind to body connection when I do medical intuition scans.

Reading body language is not a factor. So I don’t need to be in the same space as your animal. Many times, I close my eyes to shut out the physical world while connecting.

Medical Intuition Scans

I’m delighted that we don’t even need an in-person session to do a medical intuition scan. Once I connect and ask how they’re doing, my body feels what their body’s feeling. For example, my breathing will become labored if they’re working harder to breathe. Among other sensations, I feel pain in parts of my body, headaches, and trouble swallowing.

Sometimes I receive words or visuals to describe a function. I’ve heard that a digestive system was “closed for business.” I’ve seen and felt stormy seas as a way of experiencing an upset stomach.

Energy Healing

And energy healing (which I do) works without in-person sessions. It’s wonderful!

Read about my work with my mother-in-law here.

Caution: I’m not a veterinarian or a replacement for veterinary care, But I can provide additional information that people find useful.

But I gotta say: It’s lovely to do in-person sessions!

I love meeting you and your animal in person – it’s delightful! As an animal communicator, it’s frosting on the cake for me. (I see animals at the Veterinary Holistic Center in Springfield, Virginia.)

I enjoy interacting with your animals. One time, I was on the floor doing healing for a wonderful dog. Her head rested on my leg, our feet touching, both of us feeling the glorious energy. We created a lovefest of healing!

Joint or muscle pain

dog massage

My dog, Tibor, gets ready for a massage

With older dogs who have joint or muscle pain, I may check muscle tension.  after a medical scan to pinpoint pain areas.

As a trained human massage therapist, I usually find a few tight muscles. And if the dog’s open to it, I demonstrate a few simple massage techniques. Most are!

People watch their animals relax, with an “Ahhhh, that’s so good…” look on their faces.

Cats, not so open to massage….are you surprised?

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