You think animal communication’s a gift bestowed on a few special souls, right?

That is absolutely the state of the planet right now. But what if at least one person in every family could intuitively communicate with their animals? That’s my long-term vision for the planet.

Why an animal communicator in every family?

Glad you asked. When I work with people and their animals, a magical shift happens. Almost always, the session births more compassion, love and patience in all the souls in the session. And sometimes something even more mind-blowing happens. Some people start communicating intuitively with their animals after one session with me.

What if there was an animal communicator in every family?

How could a family animal communicator help?

Is your animal acting up? Find out what’s going on. If family dynamics change, explain what’s happening and why. When animals get old, ask if they’re ready to cross over. Here’s one simple example: What if, when you go on vacation, you tell them who’s watching them and when you’ll be back? It really helps lessen anxiety!

Wait, don’t people have to be born with the gift?

Not at all. I didn’t intuitively connect with my dogs until I became a Reiki Master. Reiki turned on my “animal communication” channel. So, it’s possible to open the door to animal communication at any age.

Let’s Get Crazy! What if…

  • Every veterinarian consulted an animal communicator when they wanted to know how much pain the animal was in? Or explain an upcoming surgery or treatment plan. What it would fix, when they’re going home, and what’s the recovery like?.
  • When a dog trainer had a tough case, they consulted an animal communicator to find out more. And maybe help change the behavior from the emotional level?
  • Rescue groups asked an animal communicator to tell animals that the horror of their previous lives was OVER; they could relax? And discover what family situation would work best to get adopted easier?
  • Zoos and sanctuaries used an animal communicator to mediate issues between animals or explain changes that were going to affect their lives?

Back to you – Would you love to be more in tune with your animals?

Even if you’re not called to be a full-time animal communicator?

Check out the full animal communication session.  Experience a guided meditation to access the most effective brainwave for communicating with your animals. No promises that it will open your channel, of course. But I’ve heard enough stories to know it’s possible. Even in my short session, you may tune into abilities you weren’t paying attention to.

For those who want to go deeper, my online UConnect class helps you practice animal communication abilities with your own animals. Plus, I include an overview of energy healing so you can start exploring that world.