I have a lot of respect for hypnosis, but let’s be clear – animal communication is not hypnosis. It’s different.

Why explain that animal communication is not hypnosis?

Because when I was just starting out, someone suspiciously asked if I was going to hypnotize her dogs. I hadn’t even considered that possibility. What I heard behind the question was, “Are you going to MAKE my dogs behave through mind control?” No. No mind control involved.

Neither hypnosis or animal communication are mind control

In reality, hypnosis is not mind control. As I understand it, hypnotists connect with the subconscious mind with permission from the person. From there, hypnosis offers suggestions to help them change subconscious beliefs so their actions are more in accord with their consciously stated goals.

To repeat, animal communication isn’t hypnosis or mind control. I’m not trained to connect with the subconscious mind. My training allows me to communicate with the animal’s conscious self, their personality, through telepathy. Telepathy is mind to mind communication. I don’t need to speak out loud with the animal. When I speak out loud, it’s so their person can hear what I’m communicating and hearing.

Animal communication can connect in all circumstances

I connect with animals who are playing, sleeping or grooming themselves. They don’t have to look like they’re listening to me. Although many times during virtual sessions, animals voluntarily come into the room during a session. After they enter, they seem to be participating in the conversation – at least that’s what I’ve heard from their person. For example, I was talking to a man about one of the dog’s legs that was painful. Simultaneously, the man reported that the dog touched that leg with his nose. That was a wonderful confirmation.

Behavior changes without mind control (hah!)

Animal communication can result in behavior changes just like hypnosis. But I’m still not using hypnosis. Sometimes I help the animal release their stress and anxiety through directed energy healing and talking. Other times, I telepathically show them “house rules.” (There have been many discussions about the correct place for peeing and pooping.) And I use Medical Intuition techniques – whatever’s needed.

From my understanding, these behavior changes come from conscious decisions to be better family members. Sometimes changes come only after they release negative emotions or we decrease physical discomfort through energy healing. Because when they’re feeling better, they hear more clearly what we’re communicating. And they try to change because they are connected to us through love.

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