Getting ready for an upcoming surgery can be nerve wracking for any species. Even if “surgery” isn’t a concept an animal might understand, they know the weirdness of blood being drawn and being palpated in odd places. It doesn’t take an animal communicator to figure out animals, like humans don’t enjoy waking up groggy and in discomfort. But animal communicators can still help.

So when Deb asked me to help her dog Sadie through her upcoming knee surgery, I said, “Let’s do this!”

Upcoming knee surgery

Deb shared,

“The first visit to the surgeon’s office, I could hardly drag Sadie into the building. She was really nervous and was very anxious when the doctor was examining her. Sadie was about to have knee surgery.

“I wanted her to know this was going to take time to recover but would allow her to run and play with her friends, something she truly enjoys.

“Eight weeks is a long time to not run. Plus two weeks of doing nothing when she was used to running twice a day was going to be a huge challenge.”

Sharing what to expect

“I asked Maribeth to help me communicate with Sadie about what she was going to experience.”

It’s time for knee surgery

“When I took Sadie to the vet the day of her surgery, it was clear our session with Maribeth had helped both of us.

“Sadie didn’t hesitate to go into the building at all this time. When it was time for us to part, she agreed to go with the staff.”


“The next eight weeks went as best as could be expected.

Sadie did exactly what she needed to do in her physical therapy and has made a full recovery. Her surgeon, physical therapist, Sadie, and I are very pleased with how everything worked out.

“We are back at the dog park playing with friends, running, jumping and living life joyfully.”

Is your animal facing surgery?

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