I had a lovely after-podcast interview with a cat named Gandalf! Gandalf’s person, Lisa and co-host Misty had just finished interviewing me for their podcast, We’re All Psychic. We had a super conversation! (That’s Gandalf and Lisa in the picture.)

During the podcast, Lisa asked if I could connect with her cat Gandalf. I sheepishly replied that I was getting nothing and attributed this to my nervousness.

My interview with Lisa’s cat

After the podcast ended, I checked to see if Gandalf wanted to communicate. This time, we connected! I recorded what I received and sent it to Lisa.

How Gandalf’s personality came through brought a smile to my face. In my mind’s eye, he showed himself as a superstar hero in an action movie. His travels through the house were a big adventure. And he was especially grateful that he was loved for exactly who he was.

I also noted that, being a Lord of the Rings fan, “Gandalf the Grey” was becoming “Gandalf the White.”

Lisa’s feedback about my interview with her cat

Lisa sent me feedback after listening to my recording:

“As soon as I started playing the recording, he [Gandalf] came out of nowhere… Everything you said fits and I’m so glad he feels that way because he’s my little Gemini and he’s my little shadowcat…He is a superstar and he is wonderful. I’m so glad he feels loved.

“What is really funny is that some of his fur is turning white and as he’s aged, I’ve told him he is turning Into Gandalf the white…

“Nobody’s ever done what you did and sent me a recording like that about my baby. And nobody’s ever been able to read Gandalf at all. [But] he knew you were a real healer and a real nice heart. So that is why he came to see you right away at the beginning [of the podcast]. [Then] when he heard your voice again on the recording, he knew exactly what you were going to tell me. 😍😻

Thank you so much, so much, so much. I will treasure that recording for the rest of my life. And it was exactly 3:33 minutes.”

Want to interview your animal companion?

You can communicate with your animal, too. Think of it as an interview. Remember, we all get nervous sometimes! Take a few breaths. Then decide to let the information come through as if it were an interview. Your job is to ask a question and to listen! You might receive their communication through words, feelings, a knowing – “I just KNOW”  – or pictures.

Don’t dismiss anything. Instead, see how some or all of it could be true!

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