I maintain a visionary sense of healing when I do energy healing for animals. It’s pretty much a part of most animal communication sessions.

Just so you know, I’m not a medical practitioner. But I’ve learned several energy healing processes and techniques. I use these techniques to release animals’ emotions and memories that keep them (and us) from having a great life. It also helps assist animals in physical self-healing. And sometimes the animal being healed is the human.

I’d like to share the visionary sense of healing I’ve discovered from my work with animals and humans.

Connecting and listening to our animals intuitively is HEALING

This is a biggee! Think of a time you tried to tell your version of a story and nobody was listening. Then finally. Finally! Someone hears you, they “get” you. They accept what you’ve got to say. They validate it. With love. What a relief! As you recall that memory, can you feel softening in your personality, your energy?

It’s the same with animals. When we connect to our animals from a place of love, we allow them to heal. The “simple” act of being heard and understood allows animals to shift to a better emotional or physical dimension. Isn’t shifting to a better emotional or physical dimension healing?  Sometimes listening is all they need.

Limiting beliefs about healing

Most of us have a lot of limiting beliefs taught to us by our family and culture. A few I’ve run into include:

  • When we go to a healer (MD, energetic, chiropractor) and the body gets better, the healing was successful.
  • But if we go to a healer (MD, energetic, chiropractor) and the body doesn’t get better, someone or something has failed.
  • People who look fit, thin, and attractive must be healthy. (There was an old Saturday Night Live Billy Crystal character who used to say, “It’s better to look good than to feel good, darling.”)
  • Old people are frail and unhealthy. (That one gets me!)

We’re emotionally attached to the outcome

In addition to limiting beliefs, we find ourselves emotionally attached to a specific outcome. It’s natural. Who doesn’t want our animal to get better, to survive? Don’t we all want our dog or horse to stop biting people? And what about our cat? Wouldn’t it be great if she stopped attacking the other cat in the house!

And sometimes actual outcomes don’t match our hoped-for outcomes. Animals don’t always get better or improve their behavior. Or something gets better, but not what we were hoping for. And we always have a hard time with death – even though we know every BODY dies at some point.

Finding joy in healing

Given the potential outcomes of healing work, I needed to expand my understanding if I wanted to experience joy. This is a continual challenge for me. So I decided to maintain a visionary sense of healing. You might find it useful, too.

What is the visionary sense of healing?

The visionary sense of healing remembers that all beings are eternal – including our animals. It sees body health as a summation of a person or animal’s emotional/spiritual/mental state. The body is the densest expression of the soul’s experiences. Significant healing can occur on a spiritual, mental and emotional level with little or no change in the body’s state.

We can all be catalysts

If you are the animal’s guardian, you can be part of the healing process by holding the healing vision. You can be the catalyst for the animal’s highest good. Through your love and care, you give the soul a chance to connect to the Creator and heal.

Who defines highest good?

Highest good might not be restoration of physical health or eternal physical life. The animal’s soul and the Creator may have other agendas, goals for the animal separate from your – or my – desires. I believe Creator + Soul decides outcomes. That is an expression of the individual’s free will in its purest form.

It’s an ongoing struggle

As a committed healer, I always struggle to find a balance between a place of detachment which allows Creator to work through me most powerfully and empathy for the animal and their people. I continually strive to acquire new expertise and self-knowledge. This is so I’m offering the animal’s soul the best chance of healing itself,  physically or emotionally.

And I dearly love when you join me in the healing process by being open to what your animal’s experiencing and communicating.

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