In a recent session, my client Kat shared about the unexpected loss of her English Bulldog, Ozzy. But this wasn’t the focus of her session; she wanted to focus on her other pup, Buttercup, who was still on the planet.

Still, Kat had to tell me about how Ozzy let her know that he was okay after he passed. I felt joy as she retold her story, below.

Ozzy passed suddenly

a sign from aboveFrom Kat: “Ozzy would love that you are writing about him! He passed at 6:20 am right after eating breakfast last week. The vet said his heart must have just stopped. He was 13, and from what I saw, was healthy, happy and not sick at all before this happened.

“Around 9 am that same day, I decided to take my other dog Buttercup out for a drive to the park in honor of Ozzy. Rides in the car was one of his favorite things to do.

Kat asks for a sign from Ozzy

I asked Ozzy to give me a sign to let me know he was okay and happy. He could pick the sign or send me more than one. I would look for them.

Within one minute, I stopped at a light. As I looked up, on the bumper on the car in front of me was a sticker of a bulldog next to a sticker of wings. Getting even better, on either side were two happy face stickers.

Another sign from beyond

Then I drove for another five minutes and stopped at the next light, where the burger/fry truck was parked at my favorite gas station. Incredibly, I have never seen that truck and I have driven by that gas station hundreds of times.

From Maribeth: That truck immediately reminded Kat of the times she would give Ozzy a special treat of a hamburger and a couple French fries. (She wants you to know that this wasn’t often!) Clearly, Ozzy loved that treat as he always scarfed down the burger and fries as if he was starving. Which he was not. Two signs, one after another!!

Kat continued,

“Ozzy was the best and had such a funny sense of humor! He’s still making me laugh, even after passing.”

Peace in Passing shares signs from beyond

Ozzy provided a wonderful example of animals letting us know they’re okay after they passed!

In my Amazon bestseller, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions, I devote a chapter to visits from our beloved animal companions after they transitioned. Here’s a portion from the chapter, Visits After Death.

“The after-death physical manifestations of dogs and cats to their human companions point to other realities beyond this mortal plane.” – Dr. Michael W. Fox

“We know love between souls does not end when bodies die. Many of us have heard stories about human family members coming back to let their family know they are okay. So, what about animals?

“I am not sure animals visit us as well. Animal visits after death are not uncommon. That’s because I’ve heard so many stories!…

“Liberate yourself! Ask your animals to contact you with a vibration full of love. You can do that by thinking of a memory that warms your heart! If you see or hear them, don’t chalk it up to imagination.

“When your cat, who has no physical body anymore, jumps on the bed to sleep with you, trust that he did. If you dreamed your dog visited with you after she died, assume you actually spent time with her!..

“Because once you allow that gift to sink into your heart, something changes within you.

“Life becomes softer and sweeter, and this experience takes away some of the sting of death. It gives a delicious memory, which is a balm for our beat-up hearts. We don’t stop missing them, but the grief starts to lessen. We know they love us even after their passing.”

Check out Peace in Passing!

Has one of your beloved animal companions shared a sign with you that they’re okay in the afterlife? If so, I’d love to hear about it!