Did you ever wonder if animals have responses to animal communication? Even though it’s a psychic connection? I’ve heard of enough responses to know they are actually listening.  Here are a few responses I hope you’ll enjoy!

1 – Come over when they hear my voice

Some clients tell me their animals show up whenever I’m talking to them. As Susan and I were talking, she wondered where her cat Bunker was. “He always shows up when you call, Maribeth.” She heard a rustling, looked under her desk there he was. Again.

And Kristin reports that when her cat, Grace hears my voice, she always comes over to listen. Sometimes Grace even sits on the laptop. Maybe that’s Gracie’s way of sitting on my lap. I love it!

By the way, this response to my animal communication doesn’t happen every time. But it happens often enough that I know it’s not a coincidence.

2 – Grabs a toy

Marne response to animal communication

Adopted dogs who had a hard start in life sometimes don’t see that they’ve got a new life. And it’s a good one! They’re still anxious and fearful.

So I tell them “they’ve won the lottery!” – the doggie version of course. I suggest they relax, release the past, play and make friends.

So when my client Kris emailed me a picture of her foster dog, I wondered what was up. It was right after our session. Her dog, Marne is chewing on a toy, which I had suggested to her. This was new behavior.

I am still delighted with that picture!

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3- Starts eating

When our beloved animals stop eating, we freak. Rightly so. It’s one of the basic requirements for staying on the planet.

With cats, I ask them to eat if they want to stay with their people. I explain they’ll feel better and their people will be so HAPPY!

Many cats listen; their people report they began to eat again. This doesn’t always happen, though. Cats can decide not to eat. But I have gotten a lot of yeses.

4 – Stands quietly to meet other dogs

Maya explained to me that Abu pulled hard on his leash barking aggressively when he saw another dog. No fun for Maya or Abu.

I felt Abu’s worry that he might be hurt by a mean dog. After Maya and I reassured him, we asked him to sit or walk calmly to meet other dogs. I felt he was eager to try it Maya’s way.

Abu started walking calmly around other dogs. He and Maya enjoyed walks for the first time. He now practices off leash time on the beach.

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5 – Points out body parts

“Gerry” wanted to make life better for his older dog, “Danny.” He wanted Danny to be comfortable as he aged. Danny was sitting next to Gerry as we talked via Zoom.

I could feel tightness in Danny’s back legs. So I suggested Gerry try light massage first on the back left leg. I shared how he might start. Then we shifted to the back right leg with me giving more suggestions.

Gerry exclaimed, “I can’t believe this! But when you talked about Danny’s back left leg, Danny touched his nose to that leg. And when you talked about his back right leg, Danny touched his back right knee!”

I said, “Well, you can’t get a better confirmation than that, can you?” We laughed with delight at Danny’s responses to my animal communication.

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CAVEAT – Animal Communication is not a replacement for good medical advice and care. It’s not dog training or behavioral advice. But it can be useful!