I do a specific meditation to connect with animals on an intuitive level.

My brain receives their communications in words, pictures and sounds.

Does this mean that they are thinking or talking to me in English? Probably not. But we’re still communicating!

This is a remote connection. I don’t need to be in the same room – or continent – as your animal.

I know I have made a real connection when I share information with their guardian.

For example, while communicating with a cat, I heard “cinnamon.” When I told the guardian, I was told that Cinnamon was the cat’s name before she was adopted!!

I’m not a dog trainer.

But I can help you discover why a certain behavior is happening. Then I can help you dialogue with your animal about what needs to change to improve the relationship. It’s usually a two-way street.

So maybe I am an inter-species relationship counselor. Hah!


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Dog Crating

Here are two points of view so you can make an informed decision: For & Against


I admire these individuals. They radiate love and compassion.

Following them doesn’t make us experts.

You may still want to work with an animal communicator or dog trainer.

But their insights are useful:
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