Maybe you want to increase kindness to animals. I do. I read a lot of emails and Facebook posts about animal cruelty. And I hurt as I read it. Here are some of the “disciplines” I do to manifest more kindness towards animals in this world.

10 Ideas to Increase Kindness to Animals

Remember as you read these ideas that intentions and prayers are powerful. They change us and as we change, our world changes.

    1. Find a reputable animal charity and give of your time, talent or money. Read the success stories so you feel like you are part of the solution.
    2. Act locally & globally. I support local, national and international organizations. A couple of organizations I support work specifically in Asia and Africa.
    3. When you say grace over a meal, thank the animals that are providing sustenance for your family. I believe this brings them peace and it expands your sense of gratitude – which is good for everyone.
    4. Eat fewer animals and animal products. Did you know that farmed animals are not covered by animal cruelty laws?
    5. When you feed your pets, offer a quick thanks. I’m a vegetarian, but my dogs and cats are not. I say a prayer of thanks to the animals for their gift of keeping my pets healthy.
    6. If you wear leather, wool, silk, thank the animal for the gift of the warmth and beauty of the article you are wearing.
    7. If you pray or meditate, focus on manifesting more kindness towards animals in the world.
    8. Assume animals are intelligent and treat them respectfully. Not just “higher order” animals. I communicated with the shingles virus during a healing session for my mother-in-law; it responded to my respectful request to go dormant.
    9. Sign electronic petitions to reduce animal cruelty. I have seen some surprising change of hearts in companies and other groups when they are presented with strongly-supported petitions.
    10. MAYBE MOST IMPORTANT! Don’t get stuck in anger, despair and pity when you hear about animal cruelty.

Don’t stay in in those negative emotions

Anger and pity can spur us to action. But it’s not good to stew in them.

Here’s what I do: I take a stand/set an intention that we humans are getting our act together on animal kindness. I send healing and love to the animals when I hear about animal cruelty.

I also send “wake up call” energy to the people doing this stuff with the intention that their hearts will open and they will choose to cease those actions or they will be stopped.

NOTE: This articles featured photo is my daughter Andy getting painted at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center in Cambodia.

How do you increase kindness to animals? I’d love to hear from you?