Receive Messages From Your Pets - Maribeth Animal Communicator

February 16, 2019

(Everyone in attendance will receive an animal message from Maribeth. This group is limited to 8 people)

In this session, Maribeth will intuitively connect to your animal so you can ask them a question or share some information. Each person will have about 20 minutes with Maribeth. Be sure to bring in a picture of your animal or have a picture on your phone for Maribeth.

(Please leave your animal at home.)

Find out:

- Why they are acting the way they do
- How they are feeling physically
- Tell them about:
- An upcoming change to the family
- An upcoming surgery or other medical procedure
- An upcoming vacation

Tickets: $30 in advance ( $40 at-the-door

Crystal Cognizance
2239 B Tackett's Mill Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22192

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