It’s totally possible to learn animal communication. Most people don’t believe they have the ability. That’s why I say, if you’ve ever dreamed about cake, you can do it!

Imagination uses the same faculties as telepathic animal communication

By tapping into your intuitive/imaginative abilities, you can connect with your animal. Find out what they’re thinking and feeling. Why they’re doing that thing that worries or bugs you. Have two-way discussions with them.

What’s the coolest part?

When you realize you’re not making this stuff up. It’s NOT just your imagination. You see proof that you’re really connecting.

Read Judy’s story

“After taking Maribeth’s UConnect class to learn animal communication, I tried out my new skills with my two cats. In winter and spring, I often have my sliding doors open. This way, my cats go between the house and the caged pool deck as they please.

“But Florida summers are warm and muggy even early in the day (often before sunrise). Once it got hot, I just couldn’t leave the doors open for long. But shutting the doors cut off access to their litter box.

“My cats really stressed out about this. So I connected intuitively with them to negotiate a deal. I told them that I would give them outside time at least a few minutes each morning if they would come in whenever I called.

“That was in early July. It’s now mid-September, and we’ve all kept to our agreement.

“Most mornings, they both get up and come in cheerfully and promptly when I call. They never did this before. I am so happy to have an effective way of resolving situations like this so that we come away with a win-win. Thank you, Maribeth, for teaching me how to effectively communicate with them through UConnect!” –  Judy, Dom & Ringo

Is learning animal communication like assembling furniture?

assembling furniture learn animal communication

Ever tried to assemble furniture and find that something’s missing? Or the pieces don’t quite fit like they’re supposed to? It’s frustrating as we try to find the parts or make them fit.

Well, that’s not the story for animal communication

We’re born with all the necessary parts to connect telepathically with our animals. It’s just that we’re missing the directions.

Your animals were born with everything they need to connect telepathically. They don’t need to learn animal communication. They wonder why the heck we’re not using this ability! I’ve bet you’ve even seen their stare, as they wait for you to hear them!

Turn on your animal communication abilities

I wasn’t born an animal communicator.  When I finally learned animal communication – with the help of my dogs and a good teacher – I paid attention to how I learned. And I can teach you.

Do more than dream about communicating with your animal Intuitively!

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