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Family Animal Communicators Community


Imagine an animal communicator in every home! That’s my vision!

The Family Animal Communicators Community is for animal lovers who want support around communicating intuitively with animals in their own families.

Most animal communication teachers focus on helping students become professional animal communicators and charge as though their students will make money with these new skills.

Family Animal Communicators focuses on helping you communicate with your own animal family members even if you’re not interested in doing this professionally!

Want to be a part of this community?

The Family Animal Communicators Community and mini-course could provide you with an opportunity to focus on your animal communication skills in a low-key way, AND, at a very reasonable investment! (Think less than a good quality sandwich!)

Do you have to have taken an animal communication course to join?
No! I’ve included a pre-recorded mini-course you can complete on your own time. All you need is animals in your family or in your business to practice with.

Does this community and mini-course replace your UConnect Animal Communication Course?
Well, no, but it’s a good starting point and it might be enough for you. Plus, it’s a great place to continue after you graduate from UConnect.

So you know, the UConnect course takes you to a much deeper level of animal communication knowledge and practice. UConnect includes 12 online, live sessions with me in a small class setting.

We also cover more topics, including simple energy healing for your animal and how to use animal communication to ease your animal’s transition. You get to practice with my animals and guest animals. And you get two one-on-one sessions with me to help hone your skills.

When you join Family Animal Communicators you will get:

  • A community of heartfelt animal lovers who want to learn animal communication with their own family animals
  • A pre-recorded mini-course to give you a base-level of understanding of animal communication
  • Support around finding how you receive and send message from/to your animals
  • Regular group Q&A sessions with me which may include practice with your own animals
  • Live group connecting or healing sessions with me that allows you to practice your intuitive skills .
  • Animal lovers who stay in the community because they get support, accountability, encouragement, and results.

Together with this new knowledge and understanding, we can reshape the interspecies relationship to one of respect and cooperation – beginning with our own families.

How do I join?

for only $US 11/month

to join the Family Animal Communication Community!