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Are you ready to step through your fears and SHINE?

Get your copy of Shine! today. Learn how each of us is a supernova in disguise, a brilliant light that can illuminate the world.

So many of us, at one time or another, have dimmed our light, and hidden our authentic selves.

Maybe we felt we had to wear a mask, or live by the “shoulds” and “have-tos” of our family or society. Maybe we were told we were “too much” or “too loud,” and so made ourselves smaller to fit in.

Then, something changed. We woke up. We had an “a-ha” moment. We made a choice. And we decided that it was more painful to keep our true selves hidden in the dark than to shine as brightly as we dared.

And in that moment, everything changed.

In SHINE!, Linda Joy asks a collective of empowered feminine leaders to revisit the moment in which they decided to shine their light as brightly as they–dared the moment when they decided to take off their masks and stop playing small in their lives, their relationships, their missions, their health, and their work.

These moments, whether big or small, momentous or quiet, each triggered a landslide of change that brought down the walls these women had built to hide their true selves, and empowered them to step onto life’s stage like the superstars they are.

Read about how the unexpected death of Maribeth’s husband changed the trajectory of her life to one of opening her intuitive abilities. That opening ultimately led to her communicating  telepathically with animals, which is her “third and final career,” as she likes to say.

Praise for Shine!

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– DR. JO ANNE WHITE, Certified Life, Leadership and Business Coach, producer, radio host, best-selling author, and Energy Master Teacher
“SHINE! spotlights amazing and inspiring female leaders and entrepreneurs with candid stories to share. It demonstrates what happens when we move beyond our fears and what we ‘ought to do’ as prescribed by others and truly acknowledge our gifts and true essence. When that happens, as these women so beautifully describe, they became stronger and more empowered. You can too. Read and be amazed by them and by the possibilities inherent in you.”
– MAL DUANE, Midlife Transformation Coach

“When you live under a cloud from past experiences, it dims the beauty that is available to you every day. To become your beautiful self, and truly shine the way you are meant to, means letting go and leaving behind what no longer supports you. It is through the loss that you see a new path to expand and through the pain that you become free. Free to live in the light of your authentic self. These powerful women who share their stories in SHINE! exemplify the courage it takes to truly transform.”

About Author Maribeth Decker

She uses her intuitive animal communication and energetic healing skills to address animals’ physical, emotional, and behavioral issues.

   Maribeth is especially gifted in helping pets and their people move gracefully through end-of-life transitions

  She helps people find peace and comfort knowing that they have made a good decision because it is a joint decision with their animal.


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