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Remote Sessions

Remote sessions are conducted via phone or online, so location is not an issue.
All we need is a picture of your animal(s). Here’s what we offer:

Individual Sessions

Postcards From
Your Pet ℠


Human Energy Healing


 What can we do together?

  • Find out what they’re thinking or feeling about an issue
  • Request changing a worrisome or bothersome behavior
  • Explain a change in the family to decrease their anxiety
  • Provide energy healing for their physical or emotional issues
  • Clarify their readiness to transition
  • Communicate with an animal who has passed

We offer Full (50-minute) and Short (25-minute) sessions.

We can get a lot accomplished in one session.
Check out “What can I expect from a session?” to see what we can accomplish in 50 minutes.
As you might expect, the shorter session cannot cover as much as the full session. But it always includes connecting and communicating with your animal.


Full session    $150
Short session  $ 85

Postcards From Your Pet ℠

Want Maribeth to check on your pets without having to book an individual session*?
Postcards from Your Pet ℠ is perfect for:

  • Vacation or when you go away
  • Loss of family, friends, or other pets
  • Family transitions like college, divorce, or moving
  • Remote energy healing

What Maribeth can do

When you go away:

  • Let your pets know when you’re coming back and who’s watching them
  • Remind them to relax, eat, and have some fun ‘cuz it will make you so happy
  • Send them love so they know you haven’t forgotten them

Family losses and transitions

  • Discover how your pets feel about the loss or change
  • Provide energy healing to help them release tough emotions so they can enjoy themselves

Emotional or physical issues

  • Find out how they’re feeling, let them know you’re checking on them and do energetic healing

Choose either 1 week or 2 weeks of connection and communication.

Read how people use Postcards from Your Pet when they’re on vacation.

*Book a Postcards from Your Pet ℠ session if you and your pets have worked with Maribeth before. Otherwise, for first timers, please book a short remote session so you and your pets can get acquainted with Maribeth beforehand.



Maribeth was going to call this the “STOP THAT SH**” package. But she decided I would stick with SOS. SOS consists of 3 remote full sessions.

If you had a session and then decide you want to continue working with Maribeth, we can apply the individual session’s cost to the SOS package.

Email Maribeth for more information.


PET – Peaceful Endings & Transitions

Facing the loss of a beloved pet is traumatic. PET focuses on end-of-life transitions so that you can say goodbye to your animals and help them through the transition process. You will experience more peace and connection with your animal through PET.

The package includes one full session to say goodbye to your animal, energy healing during their transition AND a short session afterwards to check in with them.

All sessions are conducted remotely.


Sometimes humans need energy healing along with their animals! Maribeth can help…

Yes, I want to have a 2-way conversation!

Would you like to communicate directly with your animal? You can do that!


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