Peace in Passing:

Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions

Launches November 17, 2021

Thank you for making your way to my launch partner sign-up page!

I’m excited to be sharing the second edition of Peace in Passing with the world! In the five years since the first edition, I have learned so much and grown in my work in ways I want to share with you.

This growth is evident in the book as it provides a much richer set of stories and delves deeper into our ability to communicate with our pets about their needs — and ours. 

As a launch partner, on November 17, you are asked to do a few things:

  • Share about the book on your social media platforms.
  • Send an email to your email-marketing list (if you have one, otherwise to those you think might find it valuable).
  • Consider purchasing your own copy of Peace in Passing.
  • Consider leaving a review on Amazon once you have received and read the book.
  • Celebrate with me as we help pets and their owners communicate more effectively and find peace in all phases of life.
My team and I will provide everything you need to help, including:
  • Social media post language
  • Corresponding graphics to share
  • Promotional email content
If you are ALL IN as a launch partner and excited to help me get Peace in Passing out into the world, I ask you to do two things right now…
Maribeth Tibor photo by John body 2

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me share Peace in Passing  with your community. I hope it serves many pets and their humans.




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