“Soul Retrieval” relieved my cat allergies

In the energy healing world, you may hear people talk about “soul retrieval.”

As I understand it, when a traumatic event occurs, a part of our soul may choose to leave the body for an extended period of time for protection. Soul loss is losing a part of your essence. Why am I telling you this?

Mac the cat in a Box

Mac the cat in a Box

I received an energetic healing and part of it included a “soul retrieval.” The practitioner “saw” aspects of myself re-enter my body.

A few days later, I realized that I was no longer allergic to my cats. That was a huge win for me as i have been extremely allergic to cats all my life. Not anymore. I have known that energy healing has been extremely good for my health, but this was a dramatic and unexpected result!

(Why have cats when I’m allergic? Ask my daughter Andy…)

Other ideas for allergy relief

Not ready to try soul retrieval for animal allergies? Here are some other ideas.

Essential Oils

I use therapeutic-grade essential oils for myself and my animals. Lavender is good for people and animal skin allergies, especially insect bites. I mix into virgin coconut oil and apply to the skin. Diffusing essential oils also helps everyone in the house – doTerra’s Breathe is one of my favorites. Always use high quality essential oils and make sure they are safe for animals. Oils that are safe for dogs and horses may not be OK for cats – or may only be safe if they are diluted.

Homeopathic remedies

You will find different homeopathic remedies for specific allergic symptoms if you do the research. I have found that Histaminum works well for me. Visit Boironusa.com for more information.

Click here to see other homeopathic remedies for allergies.

Grape seed extract

Again, I’ve tried this myself and it really works, I’m using Proflavinol, but there are many different versions to choose from. Here’s a good overview of the many benefits of grape seed extract, including reducing allergic reactions. I found a link to a scientific study that supports using grape seed extract to reduce allergy symptoms, but good luck understanding the scientific jargon.

You’re in charge of your health and well being. Make good choices based on your own research and experience.


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