I’ve wondered, “How could I share what I do with more people?” Maybe I could give people who haven’t considered animal communication or energy healing a way to “dip their toe in the water” and experience what it’s like.

Voila! The Furbuddy Healing Circle*

Join this 90-minute, online, live monthly healing circle for pets with troubling physical, emotional or behavioral issues. I’ve kept the price affordable ($24.95).

We’ve limited the circle to 8 participants to allow a short individual healing for each animal. I also connect with your animal before the circle so I can give you some information on the issues you’re worried about.


Furbuddy Healing Circle

Mac invites you to the Furbuddy Healing Circle

(I’m a bit flustered in this video because my cat Mac decided to join me. I hope you find us amusing!)

How it works:

  • Sign up online
  • Email your animal’s picture to me -- [email protected].
  • We’ll first focus on each animal for a few minutes to jump start their healing.
  • Next, we’ll do the group energy healing. It includes both you and your animal.
  • At the end, I’ll demonstrate an easy technique to connect you & your animal’s hearts -- the Green Smoothie!
  • Attend as often as you like.



*Sacred Grove’s Furbuddy Healing Circle does not discriminate regardless of fur, feathers or fangs. All animals are welcome!


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