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I just returned from 2 weeks in Singapore and Australia. I wanted to share a couple of animal communication ideas with you so you keep practicing.

Intention and continuing practice with lots of love and gratitude really pays off.

I had a great time in Australia practicing my communication skills with the wild animals. Here are some ideas.

Remember, since this is practice, there is no way to do it wrong. Just try it.

Look for wild animals and say hello, either in your mind or out loud. Can you catch their eye? (I practice bird calls just for fun.)

Tell them you wish them well and you hope their day is good.

Practice sending them love and gratitude for their existence. This is also extremely good for your own animals, of course.

To practice your intuition skills, intend that the first animal you see each day has a message for you. Note it and then look up its meaning. Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak and Nature Speak are both excellent sources of information.


My most amazing encounter was with a wild kangaroo. I was at a resort pool and went into the women’s bathroom.

I encountered a large (my size) kangaroo with a roll of toilet paper in his mouth and about 8 feet of unrolled paper flowing out of his mouth! He looks at me and I heard the equivalent of “Oh, sh**, busted!” It was a bit comical, however, I thought it might not be a good idea to laugh at him.

So I told him I was just going to walk around him and go to the end stall and he could do whatever he thought was appropriate.

From the yells of a little boy, he had moved into the men’s bathroom. But he left after the boy ran out yelling for his mom.


In This Issue

Brick Cat

Brick studies Trigger Point Therapy.

Practice regularly on your animals

Our animals study us and want to communicate with us.

Use this to your advantage.

Set your intention to communicate silently with your animals during the day.

Use the meditation from class and then, in your mind, say something you’d like them to do or tell them something you’d like them to know.

If you keep it up, you’ll find that they seem to hear you even when you’re not using the meditation.

My cats, Brick and Mac, are very good at hearing me silently call them when I am wondering what they are up to. It might take a while, but they do show up more often than not.

Stella Dog

Stella ready for the cold.

I believe that Stella now understands most of what’s being said by family members.

She was once standing quietly by my side as I was telling someone how she greets people by picking up a leaf or stick and gives it to them as a gift of friendship. She figured this out on her own.

As I finished, she started looking around and found a leaf to give to this person, all without my speaking directly to her!

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