Remote healing is the opposite of the hands-on approach. Your healer may be across the city or across the world.

Remote communications is communicating through non-physical means to connect with humans, animals and other intelligent energies.

A testimony from my mother-in-law in South Carolina
(I live in Virginia)

pat_decker I am Maribeth’s mother-in-law and everyone knows that m-i-l’s always tell it like it is. So I am doing just that! Several years ago I felt like the end of my days was coming fast…..I was feeling so bad. (I have a lot of medical problems.) Even my children were feeling the same about me.

Maribeth intervened and started working with me over the phone 3 times a week. The results have been amazing. Just talking with her brought us closer together, but I now feel like I am once again a member of the human race again….not at death’s door.

I now feel better than I have felt in several years and I have to credit Maribeth with it all. I am not getting any younger, but I AM getting better. Thank you, Maribeth, we (you) did it!!!!!

Love ya, Pat Decker, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Where’s the explanation? Quantum Mechanics!!

Quantum Mechanics

When you move into quantum mechanics, you find possible explanations for remote healing and communications.

However, reading about quantum mechanics gives me a headache!

Studies of people

So let’s start with what most of us have experienced. Studies have show that when people know they are being watched, they behave differently than when they don’t know they are being watched.Parents have observed this and so have most pet parents.

The act of observing influences behaviors.

Back to quantum mechanics



Disclaimer: I have simplified this information. It would probably make Sheldon from the TV show, Big Bang Theory, cringe. Sorry, Sheldon.

Scientists were blasting subatomic particles (smaller than atoms) to see what came out – to see what was inside. They needed a hypothesis to prove or disprove. So they predicted that there would be 6 particles emerging. And, voila, there were 6 particles.

The experiment was done again and this time they predicted there would be 8 particles emerging. This time, there were 8 particles emerging.

Here’s what they found: The actual number they picked didn’t matter (6-8-12). It was what number they THOUGHT was going to emerge that influenced the results.

So their predictions were influencing the subatomic particles’ behavior.

Now wait. Particles can respond to scientists’ thoughts? This proves that communications can exist at the subatomic level between separate entities. For us, it seems non-physical because it’s subatomic.

Entanglement theory – everything is connected

The quantum mechanics entanglement theory says EVERYTHING is connected. I envision a huge spider web. If you touch one strand, the whole spiderweb vibrates.

I think the explanations for remote communications are in quantum mechanics. You just need to figure out how to use the information.

It’s like when I got a smart phone. I knew I could use it for phone conversations… my twenty-something kids just had to teach me how to “swipe” the screen so I could answer the &&%%!! phone… (true story!)

Effective remote healing and communications

To be effective, most people have to learn some skills and practice them.

My remote healing skills are based on Reiki and Quantum-Touch modalities with many added techniques from healers and teachers all over the country. I have been practicing since 2009.

My remote animal communication skills came through training sessions with a delightful animal communicator and healer, Lori Spagna. This is where I learned to use the theta brain wave, which amplified my abilities.

See more examples of my remote healing at:

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